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We all have to learn somewhere. Even if you offer the most expertise in a given area, you started somewhere. It could be that you are at the top of your field or a subject matter expert within your industry. You didn’t start out that way though, you worked your way up learning as you went along. Maybe you are a master of fantasy football, you know everything about the game and consistently win within your league every single year. You could be quite the officianado when it comes to knitting. You didn’t start out though by creating gorgeous clothes, you started likely with many a frustrating night of learning as you went and never giving up.

To get good at something you have to practice and stick with it. Becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight and you have to be patient, sometimes forcing yourself to stick with it. This applies to everything you do in life and is particularly true within the world of model boat building.

Practice makes perfect and if you stick with it, you will likely find that this is a world full of excitement and new creations that make you quite proud at the end of each venture. What if you’re already a well known expert? What if you’ve worked your way up through the model boat building ranks and are now somebody at the top of your game? Then perhaps it’s time for you to share your expertise with others in the hobby.

There are so many ways that you can give back to the model boat building community. With the numerous publications out there now, you can offer to do an interview with one of them or to perhaps even write a column if they are in need. These publications offer hope and insight to those new or growing within this hobby. You could also create or be part of an existing website. This isn’t hard to do and this commitment could really help to give somebody the push that they need to keep with this rewarding hobby.

Think back to when you got started in model boat building. It was probably challenging but something you knew that you wanted to stick with. Now that you have gained expertise, share that with somebody who needs it. You could even be a speaker at the growing number of conventions held around the country. Whatever way works best for you, give back some of your expertise to the community of model boat builders that can gain from your insight.

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