What Does Tom Brady’s Injury Mean for the Patriots?

Throughout the pre-season, Tom Brady – the New England Patriots often MVP quarterback – was on the sidelines with an injury, that is if he accompanied his teammates to the games. All that Tom Brady has said about the injury is that it is a leg injury and that, while it is on the same leg as the ankle injury he played with during last year’s Superbowl, it is not an injury that he has struggled with in the past.

Of course, while Tom Brady did not play during the pre-season games and was not really involved in taking snaps at practice, he says that he is committed to being out on the field and playing alongside his teammates for the season. In other words, while it is clear that Tom Brady has an injury and he and the team have acknowledged that he has received treatment for that injury, it is also clear that the Patriots will be able to count on Brady as this year’s NFL season gets underway. After all, for the first time since the Patriots went to the Superbowl in 2005, Tom Brady has come off of the team’s injury reports.

Tom Brady fans as well as Patriots team fans are hoping that this is indicative that everything will go smoothly for the team throughout the season this year. Rather than worrying that Brady won’t hit the field as a starter and wondering what that would mean for the team, this week’s injury reports show that Tom Brady participated fully in practices throughout the week and that he is ready for his team’s season-opener.

Still, there is plenty of Tom Brady injury talk. On one hand, there are people who are concerned about the injury and how it will affect the team throughout the season. On the other, there has been speculation that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have played up the injury – in some cases, there have been blatant accusations that Tom Brady and his coach made up the injury – so that if Brady’s play is not as strong and consistent as it once was they will already have an excuse prepared; still others have said that the injury is being used as a cover because Tom Brady is no longer as invested in the game as he once was.

To hear Tom Brady tell it, his injury is minor, he is receiving treatment – and has been responding to that treatment well – and he is anxious to get back out on the field with his teammates. To hear those who are planning their fantasy football teams talk, it seems as though a great many people would be upset if the injury prevented Brady from playing during the season.

However, when you are looking at the big picture of a Tom Brady injury and how it may or may not impact the Patriots play as a team, the reality is that, while he is valuable, Tom Brady is not the only one who is out on the field. The Patriots are a team and they play as one.

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