Colts Are On The Defensive

I’m really not sure what the Colts going to do this year. This pre-season they have not looked all that bad. Then again pre-season does not mean much only in the first quarter. It was pretty funny though watching their defense get torn apart.

It is interesting that the Colts can go and pay Dwight Freeney a huge amount of money, but start over with the rest of their defense. They’re going to have three new starters in their secondary but Tony Dungy is saying that no one should be worried because they play a cover 2 defense. I’m not sure what he is talking about considering you still have to have smart players and talented players playing in the cover 2. They have none of that. The best thing they have is Bob Sanders.

One of their biggest losses of the off-season will be Cato June. They really began to believe that he was only good because of the cover 2 defense they use. As bad as their defense looked without him at the linebacker position I would begin to worry. He was a good tackler with good speed and strength. Right now, they’re looking at replacements that have none of that.

Another loss they had by injury is McFarland. He will be sitting out the whole season to rehabilitate. He was one of the main reasons that the defense was able to begin to stop the run throughout the playoffs. If they would never have got him from Tampa Bay I’m not sure that they would have won the Super Bowl. Okay, actually I’m positive they would have not won the Super Bowl. The defense is actually why they won in the first place. Payson Manning continued to play at one of the lowest levels in playoff history.

The offense does look good like always which always makes you feel better if you are a Colts fan. I’m not so sure that they’re going to have as good as an offense though. Peyton Manning is assuring us that Joseph Adai will have a huge year at the running back position. Remember though that this came when he had Dominic Rhodes to take off some of the load. Plus Peyton Manning’s backside offense of linemen retired giving him a new linemen that is yet to be named. You will finally now have a new backside lineman for the first time in his career. As we all saw this preseason, Manning was getting nailed from the backside, no pun intended.

For all the Colts fans I’m sorry to say that I would be worried for this upcoming season. You’d better really hope that Bob Sanders does not get injured as he will be the only reason that the defense is anything this year. If you are a fantasy player I would not go for the Colts defense, but that is just common sense.

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