NFL 2009 Season Will Be Crucial for Campbell

Which variety of Jason Campbell is it Redskins NFL fans can check for this year? The qb that is disliked and halfway outside the sphere? Or is he the next version of Doug Williams, just like Clinton Portis had so powerfully stated lately?

Campbell’s performance is what the coming year is all about. Clinton Portis might close out this season with about 11000 running yards for his lifetime, positioning himself for Hall of Fame consideration with about 3 or 4 nice years remaining in his playing days.

It won’t matter.

Malcolm Kelly might prove to be among the best jovial WRs in the game of football this year, capable of receiving comparisons to Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson by year’s end.

It will not mean much.

Brian Orakpo could be the second coming of Lawrence Taylor, wreaking havoc on the weak side of the entire NFC East.

It won’t matter.

All that matters is that Washington comes out on top in no less than ten contests, and that their quarterback is the most important figure in each one of those expected ten victories.

Disregard the reality that he went 8 straight games in 2008 without an INT, it was all about the amazing Clinton Portis at some point in that stretch. When the tide turned on the franchise, it was not Clinton Portis who got the blame.

It was Jason Campbell, who was not the only individual with scaled back stats at some point in the swoon, however was the sole addressee of the tabloid radio and newspaper drama that came after.

The majority of people are in Jason Campbell’s corner, and not a soul heads up that group’s praise louder than I do.

Although from a neutral standpoint, there’s a fine line between brilliance and mess for Campbell this upcoming year, and zero else Washington can do or is capable of doing will eclipse the steadiness he must show from the first game and after.

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