Will Favre Actually Improve the Vikings?

It’s amazing. Just when he was officially retired once again, Brett Favre “un-retired”, agreeing to come back to Minnesota for two more years of football. This move is getting all kinds of media attention and generating excitement in Minnesota, but I really don’t see the big deal.

Favre will be 40 in October. How many quarterbacks lead their teams to Super Bowls at 40. He’s as durable as they come and he’s showed great longevity through his career, but still…

He was operated on last season. His bicep injury put him under the knife, and he still has his torn rotator cuff. None of these things bode well for someone Favre’s age. Sure, he’s accomplished a lot through the course of his career, but he’s 40 years old. He can’t go on forever. A perfect analogy to Favre is John Smoltz, who’s finally starting to give after seeming ageless for so many years.

Favre’s biggest problem has always been his inconsistency and turnovers. He throws WAY too many interceptions to really help a team out at this stage of his career. In the final five games of last year, Favre threw 9 INT’s. Compare that to Tarvaris Jackson, who threw only 1 INT in the final four games of the season. I’m not saying that Jackson is the answer to the Vikes QB dilemma, but it’s obvious that Favre faded down the stretch and Jackson finally began throwing the ball well…

Then there’s the whole issue of team chemistry. It seemed like Jackson had a close bond with his wide receivers. This is a critical element to a team’s success. Favre, on the other hand, is coming into a team that he doesn’t know, missed an entire training camp, and will have no rapport with any of his receivers.

And then looking at the rest of the team, Favre knows none of them either. He’s coming right into a team in late August, and hasn’t participated in one practice, didn’t go to training camp, and has done nothing to get to know his teammates. He was the same way with the Jets, and look at how that worked out.

Now, I’m not faulting the Vikings for trying because the odds of the Vikes winning the Super Bowl are technically 32:1. But if the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl with Favre, which I believe is likely, then what does that mean for the future? Sage Rosenfels’ and Tarvaris Jackson’s confidence will be destroyed, and they’ll probably have to look for another QB in the draft, who could take a few more years to develop.

Due to his aging, his chemistry issues, and everything else, I don’t see why Favre will be the answer in Minnesota this year. He’s more of a name than a major talent at this point in his career, and he’ll remain one of the greatest to ever play the game. But not these games.

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