The Art of Prep Sport Junk Talk

Look…nothing says high school sports like a good dose of healthy junk talk from the sidelines. It’s starts early with the “batta batta batta” on the little league sidelines and hits full flight at college games where there’s a little more creative flair. Regardless of the venue, high school sports junk talk is part of the game and it’s part of the game, it’s on With our chatter feature on every page and our Weekly Faceoff page, we shoulda named it By the way, don’t try to take that name…we got it.

So let’s look at the art of junk talk and how it works on our site. The best venue for some verbal (via keyboard) nonsense is the chat function. You’ll find it on every key page of the site. Keep in mind that the audience is dictated by the page you’re on. For example, if you’re on the player profile, that player and teammates (plus people who visit his/her profile page) will see that chat. This works great if you’re a rival team’s player who wants let em know he’ll bring a ice pack to the game to put on your sadness!

If you talk trash on the school channel, everyone in that school or community will see it. This could be players, fans, fantasy league owners in that community and anyone who visits that page. This is a good spot for announcing to that school if your rival school decided last minute not to run your JV football squad against their varsity…without pads.

Finally, The Weekly Faceoff is the real deal for junk talk. It’s everyone from your school and from the upcoming rival’s school in one place. You might as well post the funny banners you find at games right there. We’re working on that by the way. When you post junk at the Weekly Faceoff page, everyone’s seeing it which brings us to the next point. Don’t be lame.

I was at a recent high school basketball game between a pretty tony private school and a pretty tony public school. The public school started chanting, “Go home rich kids” which is like saying Blake Griffin can’t jump. He’s a freak of nature and the public school rich kids saying “Rich kids go home” is lame. Don’t do lame!  Every school’s got someone with original flavor so we’re hoping you can do better than that online. That’s the “do”. Let’s talk about the “don’t”.

First of all, make sure to obey our Playbook rules when talking junk. Basically, you should be able to talk junk without going over line. Look, your words are there for everyone to see so it’s probably not too smart to engage in cyberbullying or abusive behavior. It’s better to junk talk about the team or school than individual players or people. Don’t go personal…hey, why narrow your focus so much…see the bigger picture and take it to the school or team. Obviously, keep the language above board.

There are 1000’s of high schools out there with millions of prep sport fans. We have to think there’s some original mojo in the age 14-18 crew that stings from across the monitor or cell.   We’ll be trolling for some of the best stuff to spread the love around the leagues.  Don’t disappoint us…  

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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