Adding Your Personal Touch With the Prep Sport Profile Picture

Way back in the beginning, before the whole idea of fantasy leagues built around high school sports knocked us over the head with a thud, our original idea was based on giving the local high school player a stage…a place to get some recognition for his/her prep sport abilities and achievements. Really, the Player Profile was the beginning of from the get go. The crown of this “online throne” is the Player Profile Video as should be. It stands out right away, dead center in the screen as the focal point for the any player’s profile. Let’s look a little closer at what you can do with the Player Profile Video.

The Pro’s Player Video

We took our inspiration from the Pro’s. Maybe we’re suckers for moving lights but we loved the player intro they ran before the games. You know the ones. Usually, there’s a football player and he’s tossing a ball up in the air and catching it. A hoop player may be spinning the ball on his finger (I still can’t get that down) and the like. I know it’s Vegas but I’m a sucker for it! I especially love the player videos where you get a sense of the personality of the player. Some try to look real tough (which is kind of funny considering there’s all this hot rod graphic stuff behind them on what is definitely a blue screen). You also get the guys or girls that are just clowning around or cheesing off. I think I like those the best. Big grins on a Howard or cocky smirks on some of the top receivers. It’s awesome and we’re sucked in line and sinker.

Welcome to the world of Prep Sports 

That’s what we wanted to bring to the prep sport arena through the Player Profile video. Some swagger. It looks like we’re getting our wish. Looking around some of the prep sport leagues and channels, we’re seeing all kinds of nonsense. Some are going for the silent and dangerous effect. Others are really funny as they cheese it up. Others funny…although they didn’t mean to be and that’s probably our favorite category. The “You mean curling dumbbells in the camera isn’t cool anymore” vibe. Love it. So have fun with the Profile video. Let’s look at some general points.

Playing by the Rules 

First of all, check out our Playbook on what’s allowed. Just be smart. Watch the language and footage you’re submitting. Uploading bad stuff will get you barred from playing or participating in our site not to mention the sizable police the video submission sites such as YouTube have cruising for perps. It’s not worth it and you don’t need it in order to be creative.  

Source of Player Video

You can get the video from whatever source just make sure you have the rights to use it. Ideally, take it yourself or have family/friends “shoot” it. Of course you want better qualify video. Don’t worry, the 3rd party sites we use such as YouTube or Vimeo have pretty sweet built-in compression. Most phones these days have video which a nice safety net in case you don’t have a a quick camcorder. Worst case, you can even use a Profile picture instead of video but video is so much fun. It automatically rolls anytime someone comes to your page. It’s like freaking Harry Potter…the page comes alive with “YOU”!

You’ll find more info on how to upload the video/picture files on the site at our Upload Prep Sport Video page. In the meantime, have fun with the Profile Video. It it’s really cool and original, it may get Voted UP for the “Best of” selection. That goes nationwide, Playa.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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