A Leeds Employment Solicitor Makes His Football Fantasy A Reality

A Leeds employment solicitor dream became a reality when he was asked to portray one of Leeds United’s club legends in an upcoming film about the club, fulfilling any football fan’s ultimate dream, to play for their favourite team, hearing the scream of the crowd cheer them on as they attacked the opposition.

The employment lawyer was chosen to play the part of Terry Cooper, after answering a casting call for young, fit men to play the players on screen for the celluloid portrayal of the famous Leeds team of 1974, ‘The Damned United’.

The fact that his days were usually filled dispensing legal advice did not deter him or the film makers in representing the footballing legend on screen; the employment solicitor showed that he was as skillful on the pitch with his feet as he is with words in the court room! He did not have an Equity card, which is essential to most actors who want to apply for parts, yet the filmmakers allowed some leeway on this as they obviously saw something special in this Leeds employment solicitor.

Height did not become a factor in preventing his dream from coming a reality, as the lawyer stands at over six feet tall, while Cooper was only five feet seven inches; Cooper was left footed and the solicitor is right footed, so they also had ‘opposite feet’, creating another issue. However, this again did not put the film makers off from making their decision, leaving them to depend on some masterful editing in the final process of the films production.

The film focuses on Clough’s comic persona and his acerbic wit and was well received at the box office; its main plot revolves around the Leeds United team of 1974, with Brian Clough’s 44 day reign as their infamous manager. The remainder of the cast is made up of top British actors, including Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall and Jim Broadbent, as opposed to hiring only those whose primary job is set within the legal profession.

It remains to be seen as to whether the employment solicitor will pursue this Hollywood career as opposed to returning to work dispensing legal advice on employment law…for the citizens of Leeds’ sake, let’s hope he makes the right decision!

Employment law is not all fun and games and losing your job can be a humiliating and upsetting experience; contact a Leeds employment solicitor today for some top quality consultation if you would like expert legal advice on any issue of employment law…provided that they are not at football practice!

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