1st Exclusive Prep Sport Badge – Pioneer

Not everyone’s built to blaze into new territory. For every Louis and Clark that gains notoriety, there’s another 98 that met the arrow, avalanche, and whatever local flavor of disease and danger lurks in that undiscovered land. You need to be a little bit crazy and and a little too curious for your own good. We wanted to celebrate the trailblazers that realize what PrepSportFantasy.com has locked inside it’s “four walls” of Player Profiles, School Channels, Fantasy League, and High School Sport Forum. In honor of those crazies out there, we offer the exclusive Pioneer Badge for the fist 1000 brave souls. Let’s check it out for all those followers who come after and will not be able to get it.

First, what’s a high school sports Badge anyway? The Badge is the personalized animation for Players to add to their player profile which shows what they’re into. They are usually broken up by position (for example based on throwing, rushing, etc) or general to the sport in question such as the attitude that goes along with prep football. Players are able to chose and flip out as much as they want because let’s face it…a high school football player changes his mind by the hour. Each badge is animated because we’re tire of the static and boring pics on most high school sports sites. That’s about a decade old and we’re moving forward. So let’s look at the actual Pioneer Badge. It’s definitely not your dad’s covered wagon.

The badge’s background color is black. On the left side is a plain, old-fashioned covered wagon and the word “Pioneer” appears mid/right at the top of the screen in red. It represents the red light of a racing start. As the animation progresses, the covered wagon goes through a transformation where it’s “pimped out” frame by frame. First, a shiny set of rims is applied to the front wheel base which jacks up the front end. Then a bigger rim is added to the back wheelbase which jacks up the back end even more. A huge engine manifold is clipped onto the front, dragging down the front end to a lower profile. The quinticential flames decal is applied to the blank white side. Smoke circles the back wheel as sparks and flames shoot off towards the back. Meanwhile, the Red “Pioneer” title has turned to orange and dropped down to the middle and then turned to green and dropped to the bottom. The jacked-up covered wagon/dragster shoots across the picture running down the green “Pioneer” title. Behind the wagon is a new background of graffiti in its dust. This celebrates the new Pioneer.

Pioneer is the first of our exclusive badges. Only the first 1000 accounts will get access to this badge since they were the brave souls to step forward and take the bullet for the rest of us to then enjoy where they led. The account is completely free and takes all of 2 minutes but if you think your’e brave enough, go ahead…put your hand in there.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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