Cowboys Decide to Go With Both Cornerbacks

There has been some healthy competition brewing between Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick for the Cowboys at the cornerback position. Jerry Jones has revealed that the team will opt to split time between them both this season. This is unusual in the football world, but makes sense given the team’s situation.

Usually, a team will choose to split time between two potential starters when the team is unsure of the better option at the position. In this case, Jones doesn’t see this being the driving factor and feels that the two could share duties at the position through the course of the entire year.

The fact that both Jenkins and Scandrick are playing the position very well shouldn’t work against either of the two, he believes.

Uncertainty at a more defining position like quarterback would typically be an issue, but Jones believes that both Scandrick and Jenkins are more than qualified to play cornerback, in addition to other defensive positions too.

Jones’ suggestion that there could be a 50/50 split between Scandrick and Jenkins is somewhat surprising, but not all that much of a shock. Both second year players have looked great in training camp, and the Cowboys would be doing an injustice benching either one of the two.

The Cowboys drafted both cornerbacks in 2008. Scandrick was selected in the 5th round, and Mike Jenkins in the 1st round with the 25th overall pick. Jenkins notably returned an interception for a touchdown during one game in 2008, and Scandrick played in all 16 games last season.

In addition to alternating them at cornerback duty, Jerry Jones feels that the two are more than capable of contributing at other positions, and will often be featured on the field together.

Being that the team has suffered various setbacks since the end of last year, it seems like the Cowboys will be happy to have any defensive help at their disposal.

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