5 Irresistible Android Apps for 2014

After having snatched the limelight from other mobile operating systems, Android is all geared up to mark its presence in the year 2014. Whether its about fetching recommendations on weather, news, task management etc. or playing games, Android has offered ample number of applications which have eased the lives of people hailing from different age groups. Through this blog, I’ll make you familiar with 5 unmissable Android Apps that’ll allow you to dive deep into the ocean of possibilities.
Android App No.1- CBS Sports
As a fantastic sports app, CBS Sports offers you real-time stats for a majority of sports events. Upon installation of this application onto your Android device, you can start receiving push notifications about all the ongoing sports events including live fantasy football shows and fantasy baseball shows. In addition to this, you can even avail the features such as on-demand video highlights and personalized news feeds in accordance to your favorite football or baseball teams. Almost every Mobile Development Company has some or the other time delivered the CBS Sports app.
Android App No.2- Current Caller ID
Although your Android smartphone is competent enough in recognizing calls from your contact list, there are situations when fetching complete caller ID isn’t possible for a call that’s been made from a landline phone. Android’s Current Caller ID is an application that not only allows you to view the full details of the person who’s calling you but it even displays your contact’s most recent social network updates in addition to the local weather details.
Android App No.3- Gas Guru
If you’re a gas consumer looking for the cheapest gas in your area then Gas Guru is a must-install app for your Android smartphone. With this app, you can gather a detailed insight into all the nearby gas stations. Moreover, the color indicators reveal information about the pricing policy followed by different gas stations. This enables you to compare the gas prices in multiple locations including home and office, helping you figure out the best places to meet your gas requirements.
Android App No.4-Google Wallet
Google Wallet is an Android app that’s equipped with a bunch of money-related features, with the best one being the ability to store loyalty cards in a centralized location. You can opt for loading any loyalty card into Google Wallet by simply scanning the bar code and signing up for the programs. With Google Wallet installed in your Android device, you can do away with the inconvenience of carrying a dozen of cards. It’s the magic of professional Android Development Services that we’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of mind-blowing apps like the Google Wallet.
Android App No.5- Notification Toggle
If your smartphone lacks a quick settings menu or you aren’t satisfied with the current one then you’ve got to install the Notification Toggle Android application. With this app installed in your Android device, you can easily adjust features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, rotation lock, mobile data, brightness, airplane mode and audio. You can use Notification Toggle even for creating shortcuts to your favorite apps.
So, with that it’s a wrap on this blog that features the top 5 Android apps worth waiting for in the year 2014. Now, go ahead and choose to install these apps onto your device for enjoying an excellent smartphone experience.

About Author: Emily Heming is a professional content writer for one of the leading provider of Reputed Mobile Development Company which offers you the facility to aid Mobile development service by contacting her.

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