The “Best Of” Lists For Prep Sports

You can’t turn around without some “Best Of” list popping up somewhere. It’s getting a little extreme. Do we really need a “Best of Chicken Tricks” list to go by? What exactly are chickens good at anyway. We aim to be different with “Best Of” in the world of Prep Sports because this material is all yours and some of you are really funny.

Originally, it was meant to be irreverent…we were partially making fun of the best of lists. The problem is that some of you have some serious talent for nonsense. So we started compiling our favorites in house…just funny things we came across. When you get an email on technical issues from someone and you stop in your tracks at their screen name, that’s saying something. We started jotting down funny screen names. The list kept growing in our office, more for our amusement, with new nonsense every day. Then, as with the birth of most good ideas, some of the crazies in the office started thinking…we should create a best of screen names or funniest screen names list from the Prep Sport community and eventually let people vote on it. Maybe the vote should be school wide, league wide or system wide. Hey, why set limits on what people can vote on. Why not let them see who ranks best in all three settings. That’s what we started to build and the results should be out soon. What categories are we looking at?

Some were just for fun such as funniest screen names. Why stop there? With time, we knew some of the nuts in our community would start to get some really cool video footage. There’s nothing we like to see better than a bone rattling basketball block and if bounces off the shooter’s head from the block…well that bonus time, right? How about a Best of Blocks list. Of course dunks has to be up there and farthest 3 point shots is just behind that.

What about prep football “Best of” lists. Where do we start! You have to lead with the sweet catches…those one handed, out-stretch grabs that defy physics. What about the 98 yard runs with multiple tackles failing to stop forward progress. Those are always fun to watch but football has one thing the other sports don’t. Hits. When you have hit up the middle where the whole crowd sounds they just smelled 10 day old tuna, that’s football. There definitely needs to be a best of hits lists. It’s going to hurt just watching it but somehow, we’ll all manage.

Baseball definitely has it share of highlights. You’ve got the home runs where the ball just kinda disappears. There’s the best of pitches with all the voodoo inspired fast, knuckle, curve balls out there. He did what with that ball? Let’s be honest though, a lot of baseball’s highlights for a “Best of” section would be defense. The one-handed grabs. The triple-plays. The rifle to home base. He’s OUT! ¬†¬†That’s a list worth watching.

We’re building out or current list of “Best of” pages. You’ll have a chance to vote soon but just checking out someone’s video’s footage is a vote in itself. We’re sure our freaky Prep Sport community members will come up with their own “Best of” lists. Hey, we may even need a “Best of” for “Best of” lists. Where will it ever end?

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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