Why Reggie Bush Will Have a Great 2009 NFL Season

As a top caliber athlete, I can admit to the fact that besides your desirable body comes good looking girls. Ladies that see bling in addition to a guy who is a fantasy which translates to girls doing things beyond the ordinary.

Men often get twisted up in the dramatic lives of women and this does not indicate glory in pro sports. Unless of course your lady is an ex-Abercrombie employee that prepares you all your meals, admires your existence, and is just a normal lady that likes drinking several Bud-Lights at your hockey events in Pennsylvania (aka Scott Hartnell’s companion.)

Along comes Reggie Bush. The man of USC, Southern California to be precise, that exudes coolness and skill beyond any draftee in the previous 10 years.

He eats Subway and looks as slick as Will Smith. If you’ve seen Reggie Bush compete, you would undoubtedly admit that he is, in spite of this, more of a highlight reel than any alternative competitor in the game of football today.

So what’s been the issue with Reggie Bush? With roughly 20 endorsements entering the NFL in ’06, Reggie Bush was weighed down with issues other than what he needed to be concentrating on. Naturally the man, in spite of this, works out on his speed, however, how much attention has a ridiculous lady friend and 20+ advertisements taken out of Mr. Bush’s professional football career? The solution is way too much.

Enter the 2009 off-season, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have called it quits. He has lost just about 100 pounds, not in his body, but in Kim Kardashian’s ass he has had to lug around with him in all places he goes.

While the GF realizes her life is “Going in a separate course with the glory of her reality TV project,” Reggie Bush also realizes, “Oh yeah, I have this football profession I need to focus on.” The end result, Reggie Bush is now alert and able to get hold of a whole pre-season in addition to a very fruitful training camp.

According to Nola.com, “The greatest competitor on the field – aside from Drew Brees – so far in pre-season may be Reggie Bush.” May is consistently an unsure word but if this excerpt has any idea to what Reggie Bush is bringing to the table this season, I want in!

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