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2012 has witnessed great Olympics games held in London. After every four years Olympics are held in a pre-decided location and bring together different teams and people of different countries closer. Hundreds of different events take place in Olympics and players from around the globe participate in almost all games. One of the most fabulous teams somebody ever seen in life is presented in Olympics. One of the most watched event is basketball matches in Olympics. Many viewers give attention specifically to US Men’s football team as the team features the best players of NBA (National Basketball Association). In fact NBA premier TV has also created a documentary named as “The dream team”.
The dreamteam is an honor given to the basketball football team made in 1992. Team of 1992 has been indicated as the best team ever created in the history of NBA. Kobe Bryant is a player of modern NBA team and he has stated with great confidence that modern NBA team can beat the famous 1992 basketball team. He said that it might be a tough task but I think we have the ability to pull them out. And in the response of Bryant’s statement Michael Jordon laughed a lot. As he said that for Bryant comparing these two teams will be least smart thing he has ever done. Well In my opinion in both sides there are words only.
In this article I can share with all of you guys my personal opinion on both teams and their performances. For me it will be a dream match-up and in this article I will draw a comparison between the old team and the new team. The whole comparison was made by my personal research. In my opinion 1992 team has players with higher experience in game with more years of experience. The team has many players participated in Olympics and the only player yet to play in the team is Christian. Participation of great players such as Michael Jordon, Chris Mullin, David Robinson and Patrick Ewing has made the team exceptionally strong and successful. With the great experience team has gained during the Olympics I can state that they are more mature in game then the current team. The current team player Kobe Bryant, Chris Paula and Deron William also have Olympics experience. So I can state that although both teams have almost similar experience but my vote is still in favour of 1992 NBA dream team.

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