Chatting Up Prep Sports Online

What would prep sport website be without the ability to talk junk, touch base with teammates, or jab the fantasy league owner on his poor player selections skills. It would be a sad sports world indeed. Cheer up…we’ve got you covered at Let’s take a look at how chatter is an important and noisy part of your our prep sport world.

First, what is sports chatter? Well, it’s the ability to instantly communicate with various members of the community from almost any of the core page on the site. For example, when you look at the Player Profile page, you’ll notice a long box at the bottom with various messages…some from that player and some from other players. You can scroll down the box to see older messages as the most current will always be on top. Sometimes you have to back in time to call your buddy out on a horrible call that didn’t pan out. Junk Talk Time-Travel! For each message, you’ll have the screen name or handle for the person that wrote it and when it was originally sent. This way, you’ll know if that fantasy owner offered you his star player after finding out he was leaving the area. Nice one, Chico. With friends like that…

Different levels of Prep Sport chat

One interesting aspect of chat on is how different levels apply depending on what page you’re accessing the chat function from. For example, if you enter a message or read messages from the Player Profile page, the player and teammates are the only ones who will see that. If you enter it on the School Channel page, all players and fans tied to that channel will see it. If you access the chat function within a fantasy league, only the league members will see it. This is important since your intended audience will be different at each level. The easiest way to think of it is that the School Channel is the broadest and the Player Profile less broad with the Fantasy League being specific only to it’s members.

What if you leave a message on this week’s opponent website…you know a little bit of trash talk prior to the game. That’s fine. You can access it through the Weekly Faceoff Chat where both school’s fans and players have access. Oh here we go. Just an FYI…you don’t need to paint the school colors on your face when chatting online…unless you really want to.

Junk talk done right

Let’s take a quick second to talk about the “art” and yes, it’s an art, of junk talk. Make sure to play by the community Playbook list of rules so that everyone can have fun. It’s pretty much common sense…avoid profanity, abusive language, etc. You don’t really need that nonsense to pown someone online. If someone steps over the line, any one on the page can report abuse and we’ll handle it severely. What’s wrong, is it hard to talk junk with Katy Perry in the background? See, it’s that easy.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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