Motorola Droid X Sports Applications

ESPN is arguably the nation’s leading sports network. They hopped on board the smart phone market and hit the ground running with their news app. Users can pop out their case and access every stat and figure that ESPN has to offer. Best of all, it’s free. The one thing that the ESPN app is missing is a widget, and this is where Bing Sports Widget comes into play. This up-and-coming search engine developed a custom made widget which users can customize to update with scores of their favorite matchups.

As the NBA is entering the second half of the season, fans are getting ready for the playoffs with NBA League Pass Mobile. Forget the stats and score updates this time around though. This application provides access to many live, streaming games so fans can watch Kobe choke on the Los Angeles Lakers time and time again. Don’t forget your screen protector with this app. Fans can tap the screen to pause and swap over to other games quickly and seamlessly.

SportsTab is one of the original phone applications that primarily focused on sports. It is providing live, play by play stats and scores for nearly every professional rink, court, and field worldwide. With their newest release they even have play visualization. This great feature can even display the previous play made by the team. One can see all the X’s on the court which usually consist of many missed field goals by Kobe Bryant.

Yahoo has made their first fantasy football application for the many fans who need to update their team on the go. This is a seamless program that has turned the fantasy football fan base on their heads. Users can create their own personalized leagues or join in huge pools with thousands of other players and fans. Players will need some accessories for this app because phones may fly during the ultra-competitive ‘survivor’ fantasy league. Beautiful, easy to read graphics will not only give the fantasy league stats, but will also update scores and plays by the minute on an easy to manipulate interface.

If all these sports highlights, or even a New Year’s resolution has inspired some fans, Absolute Fitness is a great way to organize workouts and nutrition. This custom made program can provide healthy alternatives to top recipes, low calorie foods, and much more. For the more daring, it can even estimate blood pressure and body fat percentage.

Sports fanatics are not satisfied with catching the final score in the Sunday newspaper. They require live updating scores to see whether or not the Lakers choked again in another game. This device will have fans grinning from ear to ear with these amazing sports apps.

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