Wide Receivers Get the Love This NFL Season

I did a few things different this year both in preparing for my draft and in basic strategy on draft day. They are a bit unconventional but I am confident that they will pay off when its all said and done. Look them over and see if you think I’m crazy or onto something.

Usually, I do a lot of research and preparing. More so than you can imagine. I think it was almost overwhelming to the point where it hurt me.

It definitely didn’t help me since the past few years have actually been some of my worst (top five finishes both seasons in both leagues but only in the money once – not living up to my standards). It was time to lighten the load and step back a bit.

Second, I did some reverse draft strategy this year for the 19th season of one of my two leagues. In other words I do not subscribe to the “must have a running back in the first two rounds” strategy.

Running backs have been disappointing the last few years and many have decided to either draft two wide receivers at the start, or to go with a wide out and a quarterback. I decided that I would reach for a top wide receiver and a top quarterback with my first two picks.

So, my goal going into my draft was I wanted two top ten QB’s (as I said we start two) and two top ten WR (we start 3) before taking a RB. Here’s how the entire draft turned out. See if you think I have a team that can compete.

With the fifth pick in the first round, I went with Tom Brady, and then I went with Andre Johnson with my second pick. I chose Greg Jennings in the third round, and then Matt Schaub in the fourth.

Then it was time for the running backs. And I can’t say I’m disappointed. Ronnie Brown and Pierre Thomas were both still available with my next two picks, and both of these guys have top 10 potential. I think my strategy will pay off.

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