Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Use His Favorite Sport

Every year when Father’s Day rolls around, department stores see their sales of ties go through the roof. But there’s more to gift giving on Father’s Day than ties. See his face light up when you take advantage of some of these Father’s Day gift ideas.

Most guys have a favorite professional sport they watch. Use that sport and his favorite team as the core of your gift. It doesn’t matter that it may be early summer and that the National Football League season won’t start for another 3 months. It’s always football season for die hard fans.

Your Dad may not participate in fantasy football but there’s a ton of information pertaining to his team in the fantasy football magazines. Snag the latest issues to give hin a head start on the season. Include a subscription to a sports related magazine like ESPN or Sports Illustrated. Some teams have their own newsletters or magazines as well.

Search the Internet for bulletin boards and discussion boards that relate to his team. Most guys like participating in the discussions but may not know how to find them.

Professional sports are broadcast on a pay per season basis. Even if your Dad lives in Boston he can watch every game of the San Diego Padres for example. Some major cities have their own channels that are available in other cities for a fee as well. Sign him up for an extra special gift.

Preseason game tickets might be more obtainable than regular season for a very popular team. They can be purchased over the Internet or directly through the team’s ticket office. Buy two and let Dad take his best buddy with him.

And of course football season wouldn’t be complete without a tail gate party. Set up his Dad’s Day Dinner as a tail gate picnic. Hot dogs, bratwurst, coleslaw, and chili are just a few football favorite foods. Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot as a safety measure. Don’t leave any food out of the cooler or off the grill for more than 30 minutes.

Build your own tacos are fun, easy to make and transport. Set up the serving area with a selection of ground seasoned beef, shredded chicken, and sauteed pork. Offer cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lettuce, black beans, refried beans, cucumbers, guacamole, green sweet peppers, and a variety of salsas from mild to hot. Tortillas can be white corn, yellow corn, blue corn, whole wheat and flour. Tortillas also come soft and crunch varieties as well.

Remember to bring lots of refreshing beverages including iced bottles of water. The end of June can be hot in many areas of the country and that can lead to dehydration.

Go one step further and set up that tail gate party at a park as a picnic. Remember to bring a football to toss around while the dogs and brats grill. Set up a competition to see who can throw the football the farthest, the most accurate, and the highest. If Dad and the rest of the family are up to it, a quick game of flag football should get everybody’s appetite going.

Tossing water balloons instead of the football is a quick way to cool down.

Finish off Father’s Day with everyone telling Dad why he’s special to them.

Dee Power is the co-author of the novel, Over Time, Money Love and Football: All the Important Things in Life. Over Time makes a great Father’s Day Gift. Find other Dad’s day ideas at Party Ideas Kids More dinner recipes and menus at Dee’s Delicious Dinners.

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