So What is is the equivalent of combining Chocolate and Peanut Butter. We wanted to give you the energy of Prep Sports (football, basketball, and baseball/softball to start) with the fun of Fantasy Leagues. We’re not sure which is the chocolate and which is the peanut butter but rest assured that some interns are seriously debating this over a game of Call of Duty right now!

So what exactly is First of all, it’s free. Charging for cool stuff on the internet is illegal. Actually, it’s not illegal but very very obnoxious and if we’re going to be obnoxious, it’s going to involve gallons of Crisco and minotaur outfits…not charging to use the site. So it’s free to use…free to setup a Player Profile or Fan Account and most important, free to play Fantasy League with local Prep Sport stars and novices. So we established that it’s free, right?? SO what exactly is it.

At its core, is a social network site. To avoid too much geek speak (we are not fluent in Klingon), let’s just say it’s a place for people to gather online surrounding their school’s prep sports universe. One of the best parts about school is SPORTS. It’s something to look forward…it’s an event. We didn’t feel there was a site out there that really wrapped around this world…so we made it! You’re tied in with your local school. Other fans and players are also tied to their school so this is thing you have in common. You can see this community at your School Channel. All prep sport roads on the site lead to the Channel. Individual Players may also have profiles where they upload stats, videos, and general info. This info is also tied into the Channel.

Originally, this was good enough but then we struck upon an idea after a crushing injury to Adrian Peterson wrecked my Fantasy League stats. What if we could play Fantasy League games on local sports stars? That crazy kid down the street with mad hops. Sorry…nothing like that out there. Till now. That was really the birth of because we thought it would be so cool.

So welcome. Welcome to a community that enjoys local prep sports and fantasy leagues. We ask that you respect our other community members according to our Playbook Rules so we can all have fun. As a member of the larger community, we want to give back as well. How cool would it be if a part of the proceeds from the site could go back to the schools! Look… they need it now more than ever. That’s a key driven in why we’re doing this. The idea that footfall fans could pay for sports equipment or science/computer lab equipment is just too cool. This is a key part of our mission….Have fun to do good. This kind of thinking matches the energy and spirit of our members and serves as a new way to help make our larger community healthy.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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