Other Prep Sports Coming on Strong

When we first started to look at the idea of combining prep sports and fantasy leagues, we thought it would be smart to start with the big 3 sports, Prep Football, Prep Basketball, and Prep Baseball. There’s one per season and we wanted to do those well before looking further. We’re not happy with just settling and we know there are players and fans of other prep sports out there that want in on the action. We’re working on giving you what you want. Let’s look at our plans for the other high school sports.

The prep sport world is always changing. Football, Basketball, and Baseball are still the big three in terms of popularity but they’ve actually decreased in terms of participation in the last few decades. There are some new kids on the block and they’re itching to have their names ring out. Some of the sports in contention are pretty obvious and we have plans for them while others are a little more specific to certain areas and for obvious reasons (loosely translated as having ice and cold weather). Two really popular sports that have been popular at the prep sport level for years are soccer and hockey. Heck, soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world with the U.S. a little slower to adopt it but adopt it, we did. Ice Hockey in some parts of the country are “the” sport and you spend your youth on the ice…because ice is everywhere in the winter.

Our plan it offer fantasy leagues and the full support of these sports in season two of our launch. That means specialized player profiles elements such as badges and props. For the prep sport fantasy league aspect of it, we’ll need to think out how the statistics work and which game stats to concentrate on. For example, with Soccer, goals and assists are pretty obvious. What else do we really want to focus on? The soccer fans and players reading this are screaming out their options now and we’re listening so send over your ideas for how that should look. We we count penalty kicks or goalie saves? We want to really think that out to make sure we got the best fantasy league coverage available. Rest assured that we have a group of freaks who are arguing these points in between Guitar Hero and Gears of War everyday. At least, that’s what they say they are doing. Hockey’s the same deal…making the stats really reflect the excitement and gamesmanship of the prep sport. We’re on it.

Prep soccer and hockey maybe well know but they’re not the only sports to look at. La Crosse is coming on fast and in a big way. La Crosse used to be relegated to a few areas back East but that’s no longer true. It’s everywhere and growing fast in popularity. We also love the high school sports of rugby, water polo, and let’s not forget volleyball which rocks! So there’s a lot of work to and we’ll be busy getting the new high school sports in our system. In meantime, keep spiking, swimming, stick checking, and skating. We’ll catch up with you soon.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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