Dummy Players For a Smart Prep Sport League

No, we’re not running players into pylons like the car commercials and were not making any comments on high school sport player’s mental abilities. The Dummy Players is our little trick to round out the fantasy leagues for all areas and schools. It comes in handy in a few different situations but they all do one thing well…make Prep Sport fantasy league ticks. Let’s meet the Dummys.

A quick recap is in order. With our Prep Sport fantasy leagues, any member with a fan or player account (free and easy to set up) can set up or join a fantasy league. The fantasy leagues are based around your chosen school’s actual high school sport league which means you can pick from any available player in that league. In the U.S., a typical high school athletic league has between 6-10 school’s loosely based on ¬†geographic regions for the most part. Each fantasy league can have up to 8 league owners. Each league owner typically has between 6-8 spots to fill on their roster so you can see that we the stats for about 64 players in a full league.

There are two situations where it might be tough to get to 64 players in a league. The first is in the beginning when the players or StatMasters aren’t signed up yet. There’s always late high schools or leagues that come on late or that initial period where it’s brand freakin’ new to the world. That’s a case where the Dummy Players come in handy until the league’s roster builds up with players and those sought after stats.

The second situation that requires the use of Dummy Players is for real small school leagues. There are a few out there with maybe 3 schools. It’s rare since no one wants to play the same teams over and over but in small, rural areas, you’re just happy to have 3 schools. This is a situation where Dummy Players come in handy. So now that we discussed when Dummy Prep Sport Players are needed for fantasy leagues, what exactly are they?

Dummy Players are fictional players available to round out a fantasy league. Once the available high school sport players are all chosen in a league, you get down to the D league…that’s D for Dummy. They have fake names, fake pictures, and most importantly…fake stats. The system will randomly generate their stats each week so there’s still some fantasy league mojo in the mix but they’re not going to blow away the real competition. They’re going to be kind screwy and oddballs which makes it fun and you’ll be able to tell if a player is a Dummy player by the name and animated picture. If we really have some time to kill, we might build out the Player Profiles for them. You know…likes, dislikes, years with foot fungus.

So keep in mind…you can’t choose Dummy Players for your Prep Sport fantasy league unless all the real players are already chosen and the stats will be randomly generated but never blowing away the competition. We may not have them around for long with the way leagues are filling up but in the meantime, bring on the Dummy’s.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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