SO we’re finally nearing the point of rolling out to bring fantasy league to the high school sports world in an effort to make it fun again for the players. This is where we’ll start to need the help of our growing community of prep sport fans and fanatics. In the next few weeks (translated as mid June), there will be a series of steps we go through to fully flesh out the site. We may be the ones with the lack of judgement to put out this site but it really belongs to you, our community members so we’ll need your help and feedback to make it into what you want.

Once the coders turn it over to us, we’ll go through an initial testing. This is where we’ll ask for a first batch of maybe 20 community members to go in and try to break it. Essentially, find out what works and what sucks so can fix the “sucks” parts going forward. Were trying to do a lot here…fantasy leagues, high school player profiles, high school channels with votable pages, fan profiles, and more. There’s bound to be some funk in the mix and there’s no way to really find that till enough people get turned lose in it. It’s kind a like a few years back when the Call of Duty maps had weird areas that you could go “underneath” the map and shoot while invisible. We’re sure there will be an equivalent in but we need you to find it. Poke around a little and please feel free to shoot us likes and dislikes. Hey, we’re not perfect so we know they’ll be something that needs the lameness kicked out of it. We’re putting on big black boots just waiting for you to point the way.

We’ll let the first batch of “testers” run havoc through the site and then we’ll formally open it up. This is the point where we need to get the player to sign up and create their profiles. The whole point of the site is to run fantasy league and in order to that, we need the players and their stats in the system. We expect to see certain schools and areas take off first as they embrace the community and spread out from there. If you are fully drinking the prep sport kool aide, this is the time to get your fellow players online and get ready for the first season which is football in the fall. We know that each school usually has one or a few people that are responsible for keeping track of stats for their high school sports teams. We’re toying with the idea of giving these people the ability to maintain the stats for their school online as StatMasters while allowing community members the ability to contest their data. We want to hear from our community members on whether this is a good idea or not. The benefit is that we wouldn’t have to worry about players not keeping stats up to date or just not joining at all . Not sure what the downside would be but that’s a question for our community.

While we’re waiting for football season and for the real players to get in the system, we’ll have the D(ummy) League players ready for action in every league. They’re an ugly bunch but happy to round out any league with ready and willing players with stats.

So this is it…the result of over 8 months of brainstorming, hard work, and just a crapload of fun. We’re now nearing the point of saying welcome high school sports fans. This is just the beginning for sure but one we’ve been jonesing for a long…long time.

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