Prep Sport Stats – Passing Yards

Go to any high school football game and see what gets the crowd up out of their seat. It’s usually one of two things on the offensive side. A break away running play or a long, completed pass. There’s nothing we like better than when the high stakes, high risk pass play works out. It’s like a little bit of Vegas down their on the field. Rolling the dice on a 25 yard pass that turns into half the field. That’s what we love about prep football. Of course we need to capture that in our stats for the football fantasy leagues so please us introduce you to Passing Yards.

You can rack up some serious fantasy points with passing yards. High school football passing may not be as prolific as the pro’s or college but it’s still there and depending on the team and quarterback, it can be kick your score up consistently. Obviously, the Quarterback is the main if not exclusive recipient of passing yards. Every now and then, you’ll get some passing yards for running backs or receivers from the circus play but QB’s got dibs on passing yards. A good strategy is to reserve your 1st or top 3 picks for a strong QB as there are generally not too many stars at the high school football level. It’s a definite skill set to have both a strong arm, mobility, and a sense of calm while all the moving pieces are coming at you. It doesn’t come along that often and average is much more common at that position than outstanding. Take a look at the league for the strong quarter backs and lock them in early.

Passing yards can change year to year depending on many factors. Certain coaches have preferences for run versus pass in terms of offense and this may change year to year depending on their talent. If they have a dominant offensive line and some burners as running backs…guess what, there might be more running plays. If that same coach in a given year has QB with a cannon for an arm, you can expect the passing yards to add up quickly. It also depends on the talent of his receiving crew. Look, the QB is only half the equation. You need wide receivers that can create space from their defenders and actually make the grab when thrown to. That’s a whole other skill set that needs to be present to make the passing yards happen. If they’re quick and evade tackles, a 10 yard pass can quickly become 20 or 30 yards.

Another aspect affecting the passing yardage stats for prep football is the actual defense a given team is facing that week. A dominant pass defense can squash a QB (literally) and reduce passing yards significantly. You have to make a decision. If you have a top tier Quarterback, you probably need to play them every week. If you have 2 marginal QB’s and a good sense different teams defenses in your league, you may want to rotate them based on what they’re going to face. Either way, passing yards are a key component to winning fantasy league play at the high school football level.

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