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So you’ve set up your account and you’re taken right to the Player Profile page. This is where you get to shine as a high school sport phenom but it’s also an important page needed to make the prep sport fantasy leagues work. Let’s take a look at the profile to get the most out of it.

Let’s work down the left side of the profile first. At the very top is your basic profile information. Most of this was entered at the time of sign up but you can tweak it and make changes going forward to most of this information. The teammates will automatically generate as your school’s players join the site. The “Manage Stats” link up top to the right of the name is really important since we’re all really here for the same thing… fantasy league for high school sports. That link takes you to the page where you can add or edit your actual stats by date. All this data then drops down to the fantasy league where players and fans alike are picking players to compete against each other. Be legit on the stats for the sake of the game and also since people can contest the data and drop it and you as well. You can always come back to the profile page from the stats page. Also make sure to add the stats as soon as possible after the game. This way, it trickles down and the leagues that have you as a player can get credit as soon as possible when the week wraps up.

Next two sections down are for you to add videos and pics of your high school sport highlights and to add chatter with your teammates and school. Keep it somewhat clean but definitely show some flare in your junk talk. There’s no reason to go soft now.

Let’s look on the right side now. First, you’ll see either a link to the Weekly Faceoff or to your high school’s channel. These are section where fans and players can go from your school. Right below the picture, you’ll see your current badge and current props. These are animated pictures reflecting both your style (badge) and high school sport achievements (props). You can click on either to bring up a list of those available to you. The badges will improve as you login more times or do other things in the site while the props are based on sports achievements on court or on field.

That’s the profile in a nutshell. If you have any problems or need additional help, please let us know. Also, we want to know what we can do to improve it. The profile is from us but you own it as a high school sport community member. We’re all ears on making it better. The Fantasy League play is why we’re all here but the Player Profile adds a little bling to reflect how sweet it is to play prep sports. Have fun. Get your Stats up fast and accurate. Get fantasy league action close to home.

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