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The 44th Presidential Inauguration took place on January 20, 2009, as Barack Obama took control over what has traditionally been known as the most important position in the world, the Office of the President of the United States. With the nation locked in two wars, rumors of a third popping up, the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression looming, and a country looking for answers, President Obama will have to act quickly. Much will be made of his first decisions in office. It’s expected that he’ll go through with more bailout packages, and perhaps develop large infrastructure projects to shore up the economy. He might even make moves to divert the focus of the wars, from Iraq to Afghanistan. But it’s guaranteed that within the first two weeks in the White House, President Obama will have to answer conclusively one enormous question: “Mr. President, who do you like to win the Super Bowl?”

What will the Commander in Chief say when he’s given the opportunity to pick, Steelers or Cardinals? Nobody can be certain at this point. It’s likely he will meet with some of his most trusted advisors and look over the numbers himself before determining who he will root for. Heck- he might even go online to get Super Bowl tickets so he can watch the game live. There’s quite a tradition of heads of state attending the large sports championships, of course.

But is there a way to predict who the new President will predict? Everybody knows that Barack Obama is a devout Chicago Bears fan, but as such he might have some sort of a grudge against the Steelers, being that the Steelers are closer to the Bears, geographically. In looking through the playoff histories of the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, it seems that neither team has played the Chicago Bears in the playoffs. So no immediate grudge should make Obama shift one way or another.

Would Obama choose the Steelers over the Cardinals, knowing that his GOP adversary in the election, Senator John McCain of Arizona, is likely to pick his home team Cardinals? Or would President Obama take the advice of someone from the other side of the isle in a real “team of rivals” move. There’s no way to predict how Obama will react to the Cardinals, or for that matter the Steelers, based on the political allies and enemies he’s made.

After reading Rick Reilly’s Life of Reilly article about how Obama- then a candidate- picked his fantasy football team, one has to imagine Obama will make his decision, be it the Cardinals or the Steelers, based on some cold headed logic. Personal feelings will have to be brushed aside for the sake of the football nation. America will look to Obama for some calculated, hard decisions about the future of this country. And when it comes time to pick the Super Bowl winner, Obama will probably give the nation some clear reasoning, a decision made from research and inquiry, rather than one based on gut feelings and manufactured intelligence. We await your opinion, Mr. President.

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