The Top QBs In Pro Football Face Off In Miami

Many will tell you that the key to a football team’s success is its quarterback. After all, someone who can successfully find receivers is bound to put points on the scoreboard for his team. Still, others will tell you that it’s defense that wins championships. This year, though, was the year of the quarterback.

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are believed by many to be the best two quarterbacks in football. Typically drafted before any others in fantasy leagues, the two of them are reliably consistent year in and year out, giving their teams the best offensive units in football. When they go head to head at this year’s Super Bowl, we’re going to see a battle of quarterbacks above all else.

Neither of these teams lost a game until December, and it’s very rarely the case where one team, let alone two, goes unbeaten for such a long time. Due to the dominance of each team, experts labeled both of these the best in the AFC and NFC throughout the year.

Neither the Colts nor the Saints finished out the season without a loss. In fact, each team lost two games, each for their own reasons. Still, this was enough to secure home field advantage, which clearly helped to secure a Super Bowl berth for each team.

When Indianapolis and New Orleans meet up with one another, fans will all agree about the fact that the winner will probably come down to the team with the more effective quarterback.

Experts usually look at the defensive units when it comes to the Super Bowl. They say that defense wins championships, but neither of these quarterbacks seem to be hindered by an effective defense.

Recent champions have all resulted from highly proficient defenses and while both the Colts and Saints are efficient defensively, their defensive performances won’t matter much since each quarterback seems to be effective no matter what.

As a result, this year’s Super Bowl should be a classic battle that lives up to its expectations. Fans of the sport will be in for a treat, as the best two teams in football will be vying for the championship.

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