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Are you a big NFL Fans? Do you want to track the latest NFL news even when you work busy? There are some Chrome Add-ons for American Football which can realize your wishes. Just open browser, you will find almost all of details about NFL, like Scores, News, your favorite teams & Stars. You can also find more friends sharing the alike minds with you. Don’t hesitate, look this add-ons with us.Chrome TVAs a fever NFL Fan, the most important thing is watching NFL game. This is for the true football fan! It can help you watch online latest football match TV direct from your browser! Let you watch every games at anytime.Are You Watching This?! SportsYou are busy. We know. When you watch American football games. Turn on alerts and you won’t have to constantly keep your eyes on the screen. It will let you know when the games get good. It also can help you filter out the boring game and never miss an Instant Classic.Sports ScoreboardIf you didn’t watch the whole games? Don’t worry! This add-on not only can stay up to the minute with live NFL scores for all your favorite teams. But also can provides a quick glance at real time scores, with links to team pages. Allows you to track the latest scores in any busy work time.NFL Fan Rating CheckerLet’s you get the fan rating of every NFL game this week. when you click on it, it will fetch every NFL game for this week, fetch the fan rating for them and display them sorted. If the game hasn’t been played yet, it will display the date and time and sorting will be ascending by time.Pickemfirst Fantasy SportsMany football stars have their own twitter. Do you want to get it? It’s not a dream! It can display their tweets in different tab. Let you find them easily. A new tab shows the evolution of the player’s performance over his last games. It can also shows future projections for the selected athlete.HitpostAs a professional NFL Fans. You must want to get the latest news about the game promptly. This add-on can help you. Not only it can let you look over daily news updates from around the NFL. But also it can show the real-time NFL photos for relate news.

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