FIFA 16: China Women’s National Football Team Overall Player Ratings Revealed

In the previous time, EA has already announced that FIFA 16 will enable 12 women’s national teams, and the Chinese women’s team will also appear in the game. Recently, the ability and ratings of Chinese women’s football players were exposed, showing pretty high stats to build a fantasy FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

Ratings of China Women’s National Football Team revealed

The Chinese women’s national football team, also recognized as China PR by FIFA, it is the women’s national association football team of the People’s Republic of China that also governed by the Chinese Football Association. Recently, EA Sports FIFA 16 China women’s national football team was exposed with the overall player ratings as below:
ST: Yang Li 81
RM: Wang Shanshan 74, Han Peng 74, Wang Lisi 76, Gu Yasha 73
CM: Ren Guixin 77, Zhang Rui 73, Tan Ruyin 72
RB: Wu Haiyan 78,
CB: Li Dongna 78, Li Jiayue 71, Zhao Rong 72
LB: Liu Shanshan 76, Wang Lingling 70
GK: Wang Fei 76, Zhang Yue 74, Zhao Lina 66
ST: Li Ying 73
LM: Xu Yanlu 71
CAM: Tang Jiali 70, Wang Shuang 68, Lou Jiahui 69, Ma Jun 71
As it shown above, we can expect that the abilities of Chinese women’s team players would have the potential to be comparable with those players from Premier LeagueAlong. So what are you waiting for? Just buy cheap fifa 16 coins to be ready. Along with the stats, some images about Chinese women’s national team players were published. Nevertheless, some of these players are not “true face” since EA did not done facial capture to Chinese women’s football.

Chinese women’s team players have high abilities though young

As China coach Hao Wei told, the current squad of Chinese Team is youthful with the majority born after 1990, and the average age of their players are under 23. However, Hao Wei’s new-look team is strong as a unit even though there are no headline names or legendary figures. They are used to a rather defensive strategy and usually keep strong opponents at bay through their exceptional physical capacity. Then the team can counter-attack relying on the pace and goal-scoring ability of Ma Jun and Ying Li, both of whom have made a name for themselves in Korea Republic.
Besides, they have good record on FIFA Women’s World Cup: Firstly, Canada 2015 also marks China’s sixth appearance in the Women’s World Cup, having featured in all the past editions except Germany 2011. Secondly, China made it through to the knockout stage in their past five appearances, including finishing runners-up at USA 1999. Thus, with these data, Chinese National Team players can be expected to be powerful enough to build a strong squad.

Fifa 16 will firstly launch on September 22, and at that time gamers can enjoy a different experience with women’s teams, which got a rating system that different from that of Men soccer. Can’t wait to join in it? Well, cheap fifa 15/16 coins with 8% discount on Fifapal will help you to build a perfect squad as soon as fifa 16 comes.

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