Mud Ball Prep Football Badge

A big part of playing sports is nostalgia. It’s like that favorite song that takes you back to exact period of time in your history…usually something really really good was happening. A big part of Prep Sports is also nostalgia and who doesn’t remember the sheer fun of playing football in the mud. It’s one of the few times you can get a as dirty as possible when you’re young. You should be unrecognizable at the end of the game…head to toe in dark, glorious mud. We thought this deserved some kind of shout out that’s why we came up with our Mud Ball badge.

First, we need a quick intro to the world of Prep Sport badges. Sports is all about motion and speed. That’s the whole point. There’s not much standing around. When you look at a lot high school sports sites, there’s not much moving. There’s a lot of standing around. That’s not sports and it’s definitely not high school sports where people’s heads are popping off from excitement. Our badges are animated. They move and change and do all things we think is cool on the web. Static pages are so 1995. They move and the whole page moves with them. We won’t be happy till it looks like the freakin’ Harry Potter newspaper from the movie. We can’t imagine it any other way. So, let’s dig a little deeper into the mud…the Mud Badge.

The Mud Badge starts against a pristine, white background. I have a feeling it won’t stay that way for long. On the left side, there’s the standard I formation of a Center ready to snap a ball with the high school quarterback right behind him and the running back in up position towards the back. They’re covered in mud. As the animation progresses, you start to see big blobs of mud hit the background and the football players on the left side get larger and move towards the center. The once white background is now covered with mud (just like your jersey on a rainy, muddy day of prep football). The background slowly changes from white to a reddish, brown background as the badge’s name “Mud Ball” falls into place on the right side. It’s a call to action…go get dirty.

This is probably one of our favorite badges because it reminds us of being young. Whether it’s a pick up game on a muddy field or an actual high school football game played in the rain, there’s something about grinding it out in the mud that just feels right. Look, outside of a messy game of mud ball, you’re probably never going to be in the mud again…in your LIFE. Who knows if that’s why mud ball is so cool. Maybe, it’s just fun to roll around in the mud. Mud’s the great equalizer in football. All of a sudden, that real fast running back can’t cut on a dime anymore. The receiver can’t run the routes right and get to the ball and he does, might just see the ball slip through his hand. Now, it’s a grind-em’ out, mashed-up, grudge match. It’s old school and Mud Ball captures that love for the old game.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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