How to Play Football in College for Free

A dream of many teenagers is to play football for a prestigious university. Not only do these players usually become the most popular people on campus, they also get to go to college for free. Getting a degree and not having to pay back loans after school is a very big deal. The good news is that through hard work, both on the field and in the classroom, a high school football player can earn a full scholarship to play on the collegiate level. The fantasy of many young men in America can be a reality with the right amount of work and determination.

Players don’t actually earn money during their careers as collegiate football players. However, they do, in essence, make money, because they don’t have loans to pay back when their college career is over and they do not have to pay for school. Only the best football players from around the country are selected for these prestigious sports scholarships. In order to make it to the college level of football, a player must demonstrate exceptional skills and athleticism. It helps to make a tape of a player’s best abilities and send it to college scouting departments. A player should be making plenty of awe-inspiring players in ordered to be in the running for a college scholarship.

In addition to impressing the scouts on the field, a young player also has to demonstrate the fact that they are a competent student. There is a reason why college athletes are called “student athletes.” The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the sanctioning body for all college sports, cares deeply for the academic well-being of the young men they sanction to play the game just as much as they care about the results on the field. Each school has its own set of minimum requirements that a prospective recruit must meet, but the NCAA has set minimum standards for grade point average and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores. A player must have a 2.0 grade point average and at least an 800 on the SAT to be eligible for an NCAA athletic scholarship.

These scholarships are great opportunities for young men to make something out of their lives. Even if they don’t go on to be professional players, the skills they learned as a college athlete, not to mention the free college degree, will serve them well in their future endeavors. For parents or coaches who may have a supremely talented player in their midst, it is important for them to be nurtured on the field and in school. They must be given the proper tools to succeed and receive a football scholarship.

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