How To Become A Star Quarterback

Most successful teams are that way because of excellent leadership. They have quarterbacks who are smart, quick, and possess the ability to co-ordinate eleven players into a smooth-working team.

The quarterback is often referred to as the “engineer of the football machine.” More than anyone else on the team, he must know what makes it tick. He must have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of offensive play. He must know exactly what each member of his team is capable of doing and not doing.

He must keep in his mind the exact details of each of the team’s offensive patterns. Additionally, the quarterback must be able to quickly size up the other team’s defensive patterns, spotting both their weaknesses and their strengths.

The quarterback’s position is the most exciting one in football. More boys want to play it than any of the other positions. Yet, fewer boys qualify as potentially successful quarterbacks than for any other position. It is a tough job! When you accept a position of leadership, you must also accept the responsibilities. By your own example you must set a high standard for all of your teammates.

You must have heard these words around the vacant lot or the corner playground: “Okay, if I don’t get to play quarterback, I’m taking my football and going home!”

This boy will have to undergo a large change in his attitude before he will make much of a quarterback!

Here are some helpful instructions for you.

1. On most teams today, because of the type of offense used, the quarterback needs to have a sure pair of hands. He will handle the ball on most of the offensive plays. He must also be an exceptionally fine and accurate passer. He must have running ability. He should be able to block fairly well. Do you get the idea? A quarterback has to spend more time practicing on more of the football fundamentals than any other player on the team!

2. As the quarterback, you must be able to win the confidence of your teammates. When you call a play, every member of the team must feel that it will be successful.

3. Your choice of plays must be a careful one. You can’t run your plays on a “hit-or-miss” basis. Whenever possible, select a play that will surprise the defense. It should be a play that they are not expecting at that time and in that particular situation. Of course, there are certain situations that call for certain types of plays and you have little choice in the matter. Try to direct such a play to the other team’s weakest defensive area.

4. Never underestimate the defense! Always assume that the defense is capable in every area. You must approach the defense with the idea that only the very best performance by yourself and your teammates will make the play successful.

5. Many quarterbacks have a tendency to either “over work” their best play, or not use it enough when the situation favors the play.

6. Naturally, it is difficult to come up with the right play at the right time on every call. However, one or two well-chosen plays in every series of downs will usually keep your team moving ahead with the ball and keep it in your possession. Of course, your over-all plan is based on getting into the other team’s end zone for a touchdown as quickly as possible.

7. Remember that you will receive play suggestions from your teammates. Give every consideration to their ideas. The passing game is important Successful offensive football today depends to a great extent on the ability of your team to advance the ball through the air. In our modern game, this is the easiest, quickest, and most advantageous way of moving the ball.

This, in turn, depends on how sharp you, as the quarterback, are on your passing. You must be able to pass accurately and also select the right pass play at the right time. You must move quickly to take advantage of lapses on pass defense.

Practise hard and you may be offered the valuable position of quarterback.

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