Prep Football Passing Yard Props

This is a shout out to the quarterbacks of high school football. These props pretty much speak exclusive to this one position unless your team’s prone to running circus plays with running backs launching passes down field. For quarterback’s with prep football player profiles in, the passing yard Props are a way to show off their achievements and more importantly to your average high school QB, his swagger. Let’s take a look at the passing yard props that are available and what’s required to get access to them.

First all, what is a Prop in the online Prep Football world? It’s basically a graphic badge that you pin to your player profile once you have achieved them. They are set up in increasing levels based on skills achieved and according to category. For example, you have a rushing category of props, passing, etc. They pretty well follow the basic stat categories that are used in the prep sport fantasy league section of the site which gives them even more relevance. They also have point totals which cumulatively can unlock other features of the site depending on which direction you want to go. It’s a tribute to your playing skill, prowess, and more importantly, sense of competition. So that’s the overview, let’ check out the landscape for props having to do with airing it out.

The Passing yards are broken down into three main categories that carry weight on the high school football field. The first is passing yards in a single game. Second, is passing yards in a season. Finally, more of a status symbol is passing yards in a single pass. Each basic category goes up in scale from pretty paltry qualifications to down right leading the nation in passing yardage. We took a look at the nationwide record holders to establish the high end and went down from there. If you’re at the top, you’re probably just waiting for your full ride scholarship at that point. As each level is achieved a given prep football QB, they are able to show that Prop off on their player profile. They still have access to the easier props that were obtained earlier but always want to show off your best work. A player can show 3 props on the player profile at any given time but by clicking on any one of them, any one viewing the page can go see all the Props they currently have under their belt.

How about a few examples of the passing props. First, in the Passiing Yardage per Game, the yardage runs from 10 yards in a game (title is “Running Game”) to 500 yards in a game (title is “Going Pro”). The increments in-between are smaller at the beginning and increase toward the higher rankings since you have fewer players who are getting up there. For total passing yardage in a season, it goes from 250 yards (“1st Year”) to 5000 yards (“Stat Leader”). For longest pass, it goes from 10 years (“Cover 3”) to that illustrious 100 yard pass (“Voodoo”) with a little help from your receiver. These are the current main categories for passing yardage with the emblem of a cannon on the Props picture to reflect those freaks out there who just plain throw a football.

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