Does Fantasy Sports Do More Bad Than Positives?

One of my hobbies is playing fantasy sports leagues. I’ve playing for a while now and have fantasy teams in baseball, basketball and football. I’ve also tried other basic, sports based games.

I find this a very enjoyable hobby, and get a real buzz from managing my virtual team. Buying, selling, and being the boss gives me a lot of pleasure. I’ve always wanted to own a sports team and now I have 3, even if they aren’t real!

This is very rewarding, but rather addictive. As I am in 3 leagues, I seem to spend a helluva lot of time refreshing pages and checking league positions and games stats.

I’ve even watched matches that I couldn’t care less about just to see how it will affect my teams’ placings. I will also follow games for the same reason. There are some that actually wonder if it is harmless considering how addicted some players get.

On the positive side, there is the competition and the things that I mentioned earlier. If you are a sports fan you will love a good battle, this keeps things interesting through a long season, no one can argue with that.

A competitive nature is one thing, but there are times that I have bordered on obsessive. I’ve found myself ignoring the actual result of a game as I’ve been very concerned about certain individuals and how they are playing their part in my team.

Like many of us, I have favorite teams in real life that I have been a fan of since childhood. Why now, for the first time ever, is my allegiance being tested by teams that don’t even exist? If fixtures clash I’m in the horrible situation of having to choose between them.

Do I have a problem? Well if I do there are millions of us. This is a topic for hot debate by many sports enthusiasts.

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