What Is Daily Fantasy Sports And Why Is It Growing?

For years, sports enthusiasts have partaken in various kinds of fantasy leagues to get even more pleasure from the sports they love. The basic model involves gathering a few friends in somebody’s basement and having a draft, where real athletes from a single sport (hockey, baseball, football, etc.) are selected according to how the draftee anticipates their success that season according to the rules unique to each fantasy league. From this initial concept there became countless variations, and it grew in multiple ways, but one of the biggest and most popular shapes fantasy sports is taking on is the daily league. Here’s how it works.

Rather than select a team that you’ll be stuck with over the course of the season, daily leagues allow you to pick players or teams who you think will win on a particular night. There are many sub-categories of daily fantasy sports, and each one has different benefits.

If you simply select a bunch of players at the beginning of the year you might have a wonderful team, that is, until someone gets injured. One unlucky incident, through no fault of your own, can ruin an entire year. Even if everyone stays healthy, it’s a more static kind of league than in one where changes are made daily. Even if you’re winning, it can become kind of stale sometimes. This fresh mode of fantasy sports doesn’t allow for complacency. The sports nut is rewarded!

One major advantage daily fantasy enjoys is it allows the participant to go with their gut-feeling. If you have a hunch a certain player or team will do well, you can select them that day and try it out. In traditional modes of fantasy sports, this is impossible. While it’s true you can activate or bench certain players in traditional sports pools, the daily mode allows you to pick any player from the entire league since they aren’t reserved or allocated to opponents in your pool. In this way, this format really pits the participant knowledge against the sport itself, rather than an opponent in your pool. In other words, you are more freely permitted to use a true and ever-evolving amount of your sports knowledge.

When you’re in a daily league, change is constant and you need to be on your toes at all times. You get rewarded more for following the league, and there’s a greater incentive to watch and read about whatever sport you participate in. Many people prefer to do fantasy sports this way, in bite size chunks, where people can enter and exit their league at their convenience without it hanging over them constantly. At a time where people seem to be moving more towards what is faster, smaller and shorter, it is hardly surprising that the same is true of fantasy sports. If you’ve got a serious knowledge and passion for sports, join a daily fantasy league and see what sports enthusiasts of the day are up to!

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