Knowing Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball game is among the most famous games of the genre. The game offers a platforms where participants compete with each other using the statistics of real baseball players. Jack Kerouac is said to be the inventor of Fantasy baseball and according to data found at New York Public Library, he has played a private version of fantasy baseball for the most part of his life. His game consisted of completely fictitious statistics and baseball players. The data found at the Ney York Public Library consists of baseball records including notes, sketches and charts.

Later on, another form of Fantasy Baseball was introduced by John Burgeson. This computer game included two teams which could compete with each other using player statistics and random number generation to determine game’s outcome. During the same period, a radio show based on this Fantasy Baseball game was produced by Rege Cordic.
Early forms of the Fantasy Baseball we see today, were commonly known as Chicken. Strat-o-Matric; one of the earliest fantasy baseball games consisted of baseball cards of Mejor League players, including their statistics from past games. Participants were able to re-create previous seasons or make fantasy teams to play fantasy baseball. Another early Fantasy Baseball game, EMSBL is considered the oldest, yet continuously existing and famous fantasy baseball league in the world. The standard scoring system we see in fantasy baseball today was first used by the Chicago Baseball league.

The first open fantasy baseball game was developed by Lee Marc, Brad Wendkos and Robert Berbiere of Phoneworks. To launch the game, they teamed up with an Ad Agency in the West Coast. The game was launched in twelve leading newspapers throughout the country. Another scoring system popular in fantasy Baseball was the “Rotisserie” scoring system. It became popular with the help of a group of journalists. It was used in the Rotisserie League Baseball and the name was given according to the place its founders met and played the game; La Rotisserie Fran├žaise. The currently used scoring system in fantasy baseball was introduced by Daniel Okrent. He was a magazine writer and an editor. Though his friends were not very interested about his concept, a different group of his friends was highly interested in this system.

As time passed by, with the development of the technology fantasy baseball revolutionized. Instead of handling all the details manually, computers were programmed to track baseball players and keep records of their statistics. These methods used in fantasy baseball works as a very effective way of making fans understand the world of baseball works in real life. The craze for fantasy baseball continued to grow quickly, but due to other fantasy games such as fantasy football, Fantasy baseball lost its place as the 1st of fantasy sports. If you are planning on playing this game, you should know about its stakes as well. As it’s mostly played for money there is always a risk of losing your money in the game. According to the data, currently, almost 11 million fans play and enjoy this incredible game.

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