Picking Your Prep Fantasy League Players

Let’s get into the process and some would say art of picking your prep sport players for fantasy league. There’s a lot to take into account and different strategies out there abound. It’s also very important to use words like “abound” when talking about picking high school players to impress your friends. Abound.

So what exactly are we picking in the fantasy leagues. Essentially, we are choosing from local sports legends in our high school’s sports league based on their statistics according to each sport. For example, a quarterback’s passing yardage will be a consideration and maybe rushing yards. Receiving yards will figure in with receivers (not to be redundant) and to a lesser extent running backs and tight ends. There are some stats that are generic to anyone who achieves them such as touchdowns but we’re pretty sure the QB won’t be getting the field goal stats unless your team is seriously stretched. So we’re looking at prep sport stats. Let’s talk a little about who we can pick from.

One team’s list of players isn’t really enough to flesh out an entire league for eight members each with about 7-9 spots to fill. Anything more than the school’s league which generally has 6-10 schools on average would be overkill. Not only that, the players in some school 3 states away aren’t really personal. You don’t know those players and that defeats the purpose of prep sport fantasy leagues altogether not to mention the joy of high school sports. A school’s league is both big enough to provide a lot of players and small enough to keep it personal and fun. You should be able to read in your local paper how your players did. That’s fun!

Now, let’s talk a little about the strategy involved in who you pick as players. During the draft, each league member will be able to pick for the league’s list of players in the system…a list which is growing all the time. The Draft is usually done in a round robin fashion where each member takes a turn picking his or her player from the Player Selector.

The Player Selector list the players available in your list based on ranking to make it easy for even the novice to choose top prep sport players. The player ranking is based on two factors…total stats from current season (or prior if we’re at the beginning of the new season) and that player’s popularity among other fantasy leagues in play. The stats take precedent since that’s hard data but don’t overlook the ranking aspect which incorporates other league choices. For example, a player may have new competition from a high school player who just moved to that school. Things change and other fantasy league owners from that school may have inside information. You’re not locked into your line-up – you can change it in the future if things change or choose another strategy but go in with your strongest line-up by taking advantage of the Player Selector’s Player Ranking and Stats Count to get started.

There’s a whole level of strategies that come into play in terms of say…choosing a top Receiver over a top QB, etc. We’ll get into that on our Fantasy League Strategy page but prep sports is about get even funner and that’s not even a real word!

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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