What Are Prep Sport Fantasy Leagues?

Someone had to do it. We love Fantasy Leagues. We love Prep Sports. It took just the right amount of crazy to combine the two and give the people what they want. Say hello to my little friend, PrepSportFantasy.com

At one site, we give you everything you need to run Fantasy Leagues based on your local School’s players. That’s right…your local Prep Sport players. To think that Mikey was just good for crushing cans on his forehead and running the a sweet wide and out. We break it down into three main areas.

Player Profile

This is for the athletes. You can upload your stats, videos, and basic info here. That’s just the beginning! You can also display your profile badge according to sport and show your props based on athletic achievements. Getting 20 points in one game used to mean something. Now it does with the “Fingers and Toes” prop. Our apologies to friends with 6 toes in advance. Borrowing from the Pro’s, upload your Profile Video with from your favorite video service such as YouTube or Vimeo. You do know how to use YouTube, right? Have fun with it…it’s the first thing people will see. You can find out more about the Profile Page and all the options available.

School Channel

This is the local online hangout for fans and players alike. Each school has a channel just for it. Videos from fans and players tied to that school all make their way here. The best ones get voted up. Have footage of that one handed catch? Send it to the Channel. Did you catch that block literally into the cheap seats? Send it to the Channel. Got footage of your kitten riding a turtle…well maybe you keep that one. You can also catch the upcoming game stats and matchup with the Weekly Faceoff. Vote on who you think will take the game and even talk junk with the rival school. For fans, this is your hub for school athletics. It’s easy and free to set up a Fan Account so get started today.
Fantasy League

Finally, the real reason Prep Sport just entered the new century online. Como se dise “Fantasy League”. That’s Spanish for holy crap!! You can now run free fantasy leagues with your friends on players in your league. This is real reason we’re so excited but we didn’t just stop there…that would be boring. Enter Fantasy Modes. You can choose from three different types of Fantasy Play…Straight Mode, Bling Mode, and Vegas Mode. There all different but personally, Bling Mode is our favorite. Now you can improve your odds or knock the other member’s stats with Perks and Traps. Regular fantasy league is so 2009.

We’re constantly adding new options and elements to the site and we’d love to hear your suggestions on what you want. This is, after all, a community of people that love Prep Sports….that love Fantasy Leagues…and have wondered what did we ever do before PrepSportFantasy.com combined the two.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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