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Do you have an interest in fantasy sports? Have you ever dreamed of drafting and managing your own professional sports team? Or are you simply a sports enthusiast that wants to put their knowledge of sports and their players to the test? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then know there is the place for you.

Certain websites gives players the option of drafting their own teams and competing in both daily and weekly league formats. Players can play both against other members or their own friends. The site also provides the option of either playing for free, or for real cash prizes. Top rank users have been known to earn cash prizes, so the stakes are not always small change. For those who prefer less risky means of play, the free option allows players to compete without cash stakes, but members can still earn points that can be used to purchase items from the Fantasy Feud store. Its fun to play and the competition is friendly and mentally challenging. The live chat and support functions makes for a very interconnected and helpful player society as well. Being the manager means you have the power and you make the choices. Along with this and the performance measuring aspects of the sight, members can really challenge themselves and rate their skills while finding out what their best at.

Some sites provide the option of creating teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NCAA. The sports provided are Football, as well as Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. There are also multiple drafting options. The first one is Salary Cap leagues. Salary Cap drafting’s provide a budget for draft picking, and in order to be eligible for earning points, players have to stay within that budget range.

The site allows members to thoroughly examine player’s prices and statistics so they can get the best out of their budget. Another draft option is Snake Draft leagues. Snake Drafts are when members choose from the same player pool. A time limit is enforced with this draft option. If at the end of them time limit members don’t have their desired players, they’re out of luck. This option does allow members to view what positions competitors have filled so everyone can do their best to stay ahead of the competition. The final drafting style is Pro Pick’em leagues. In these leagues, no limit is set as to what positions members can draft from. Drafting is done by selecting one player from each group of possible selections. These groups are predetermined based on past, present and projected statistics.

All in all, Fantasy Feud is a fantastic and quality online fantasy sports provider. Nowhere else can sports fans find such a detailed, in depth and easy to use gaming site for sports. The competition is real, the player stats are real, the money is real and the fun is real. So if you’re a sports fan who loves to compete and challenge yourself mentally, then become a member of Fantasy Feud. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s definitely worth it.

Fantasy Feud is one of the most popular websites to play daily fantasy sports. They offer a huge number of leagues with great prizes, and you can get inside information and player updates from their fantasy sports blog at

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