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It’s a little unfair in the Prep Sport football world. The offensive players get all props while the defense goes about it’s business winning games. Yea, you’ll occasionally get a shout out in the paper for interception or sacks but that doesn’t account for the full load of responsibility that sits your high school defense’s plate. The offense is like a multi-pronged virus…testing and prodding to find a way through every single play. You let your guard down for a second and special teams is coming on the field. We felt a that the defense needs to hear their name ring out and we wanted some fantasy league scoring to reflect their sometimes unsung efforts on the field.

Aside for the denial of touchdown and scoring which is really the goal of defense, we wanted to reward the plays that really turn games around in a typical high school football game. There are two main plays that electrify the fans and so we concentrated there. The first is the sack of the quarterback. The other two are intertwined in that they signal a successful defensive change of fortunes by gaining possession of the ball. Let’s first talk about the prep football sack. Oh how we love seeing that if it’s our defense on the field.

What is it about the sack that makes it so important. If you think about it, it’s not that different than a running or pass play that didn’t work. But it FEELS different. it’s demoralizing to the offense. It’s an ego thing at its core. It says, “We physically put a hurting on your main player…a player who’s not suppose to be touched”. It belittles the offense at a personal and gut level. Essentially the sack is when a defensive player (typically lineman or linebacker) gets pass the offensive line and tackles the quarterback before he can initiate a play. It usually happens on passing sets when the QB is in the pocket and looking for receivers to get open. It can come from corners or safeties just to change things up and it’s not uncommon to occur as a result of our favorite gamble…the blitz. When it works, it works really well and you can hear the pop from the cheap seats. The sack doesn’t usually signal a change of possession for your team but it does smack down the offense’s sense of self…if only for a little bit. We love the sack.

The other two signal a change of possession. The first is the fumble recovery where your defensive player claims a ball that’s been knocked free. Similarly, the interception is when a defensive player catches the ball intended for a receiver. The entire stands will generally shoot up as a result so these are both pretty important.

Speaking of important, we wanted to give these plays special weight since they are some of the funnest parts of watching prep football. In the fantasy league, these plays will get extra points when the occur to help level the field between defensive and offensive scoring and more importantly, to give a shout out to the grudge match fought by every defense without adequate props. This is to you, Defense.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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