Old School Fantasy League – Straight Mode

Some times, you have to get back to the basics. Fantasy League at the prep sport level is not different. Why mess with a good thing and we can all agree that fantasy leagues are a very very good thing. So that’s why we have Straight Mode for our fantasy league owners. This is for the purist out there who want the strategy of the game to be in picking players and that’s it. Fine…you got it. Now go get it. Let’s see how straight mode works within Fantasy Leagues at the high school level.

Classic Fantasy League

Straight Mode is the fantasy league you know and love from the pros for the most part. In a nutshell, you have a league of up to 8 team owners that you complete against. You win the league by having the highest score or number of points at the end of the regular season (post season or playoffs don’t count). That’s the basic lay of the land but let’s break it up into the different pieces.

First of all, you need a Player account or Fan account to set up or join a fantasy league. Both are free and fast to set up. The person who sets up the league will send invites to up to 7 additional players (for a total of eight). Once everyone is ready, you’ll establish the draft rules which is usually a round robin type based on random pre-determined order of choosing. You will use the Player Selector to find and choose the player you want to choose when your turn comes up. The Fantasy League chat will allow the league owners to communicate their order and who’s turn it is. The league boss should take the reins here to make the draft orderly and fair. Everyone pretty much gets this and abides by the rules. Let’s face it, we’re usually playing with friends anyway so you should be able to keep your friends under control…or maybe not.

Choosing High School Players for your Fantasy League

Selecting prep sport players is pretty easy with the Player Selector. The player selector will show all the players in the system for your school’s league. They will be ranked by their player ranking which is a combination of their stats total from prior or currents season and their popularity as a choice among other fantasy leagues. You can always switch players for available players later as well as barter with other league owners. The Fantasy League based Chat is a great way to barter and if you’re so inclined, trick your fellow league members into giving you their best players. If the league is smaller or hasn’t filled up yet with players, there will be dummy or default players you can choose from to round out your leagues. These “players” aren’t available until all the real players are used up in a league. We discuss this further in our Prep Sport Dummy page. 

When the season wraps up, the league owner with the most points wins. It’s that easy. You’ll all be there to keep each other honest and in check with our Contest (the verb…not the noun) option. It’s classic Fantasy League now it’s coming to theatre…we mean High School near you!

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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