Weighted Stats For Prep Sport Fantasy Leagues

Think about it for just one second. We love a great high school football game but if you boil down the total amount of time you’re watching it, what does it really come down to? Well there’s the usual…a couple of big runs. Some sweet catches. The occasional “POP” from a tackle by the strong safety of some poor, unsuspecting receiver crossing the middle. Alright, that’s about 5 minutes of total time..tops, but we haven’t even mentioned some of best parts of the games…the stuff we live for. We wanted our Prep Sport Fantasy Leagues to take the “highlights” into account. That’s where weighted stats come into play and they play hard!

Traditional Fantasy Leagues are great but they’re pretty tame if you think about it. Total rushing yards, total receiving yards, etc. That’s all great and it’s definitely part of the game but it’s not the part that gets you to stand up in the bleachers and almost spill your drink all over the people around you. What gives? What exactly are we talking about?

How about interceptions. Every passing play, we’re all watching with baited breath to see if the receiver’s going to catch it and most of the time, they either do or they don’t. But every now and then…something magical happens and depending on your team preference, it might be black magic. INTERCEPTION! The cornerback picks the pass and starts hauling down the field. Holy Crap!! Everyone stands up..half the fans are going nuts and the other half is just slack jawed. Eyes wide open. THIS is football. Yea, 20 running plays at 3 yards a carry is the bulk of the game but for a high school sports fan, football is about the game changers. The interceptions. The fumble recoveries. We wanted that in our game.

So we weighted interceptions and fumble recoveries. If this occurs, a defense can get 10 points for each one. We think the prep sport stats should share our love for the game and we feel the weighted stats will do it. Each sport will have their own weighted stats. Prep basketball has steals and blocks. Baseball has base steals and strike outs. It’s all right there.

The other reason we weighted certain stats is because they’re either way important such as a touchdown in football or a strike out in baseball. A teams basically lives or dies on these certain stats so we weighted them. Let’s look at the weight stats by sport.

Prep Football. A fieldgoal is worth 3 points which makes sense. Touchdowns are worth 7 points which also reflects the points gained by TD’s. Interceptions and fumble recoveries is a shout out to the defense and also reflects the energy of those events.

Prep Basketball. 3 pointers are worth 3 points (aside from the points you get). Steals are worth 7 points because we all go “ooohhhhh” when the happen. And Blocks are worth 10 points for the same reason.  
Prep Baseball. Homeruns are 3 points (in addition to the bases gained score). A stolen base is 7 points. Finally, a strike out is 10 points which is a shout out to pitchers and their importance in the game.

Of course, we’re always looking for our Fantasy League owners input on what should be weighted and by how much. We’re never going to please everyone but we’ll get the weighted stats fined tuned for all the prep sports with our community’s help.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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