High School Sport Fantasy League Owners

So you’re sitting there at the job or trying desparately to pay attention to your trig teacher about sines and cosines when an email comes across. Mikey sent you an email (man, he was clowning it up last Saturday night). In the email, you see some old classic kicks (converse) under a title, “PrepSportFantasy.com”. Looking at the title, you’re initially concerned about opening the email in mixed company. Any email with the word “Fantasy” is suspect and requires opening later. You then realize that it’s some kind of sports thing so maybe you’re okay and that expense report at work or trig chapter at school is just dying to wait. So you look a little closer. Apparently, you’ve been invited to join a fantasy league for prep sports based on your high school football team. Oh no. There goes that job review or trig grade. It’s game on. You’re now a proud Prep Sport Fantasy League owner.

So what does being a league owner mean. It means you’re in for some serious fun with those punks you call friends. Most of know fantasy league already for the pro teams, but this is different. This is fantasy league based around prep sports so you may actually pick that guy sitting next to you (in Trig…really??) or yourself. Fantasy league just got personal. You’re friend invited you to be in his or her league. If you don’t already have one, you just need to set up a quick account which takes a few seconds and is completely free. Once you’re “in” you’ll start to see the layout for the league owners. There’s two discreet parts. The first shows the other fantasy league owners you’re playing against and there could be up to eight people in total. You’l see their handles or screen names listed there if they’ve already signed up and responded to the same email invite you received. There will be a chat section that only the league owners in your league can see. You’ll probably see a notification about when the draft is and how it works. That’s when the fun starts.

During the draft, as the league owner, you’ll need to choose your players from your high school’s sport league. You can pick players from your school or from other schools you compete against. If the league is small or if we’re still ramping up players, there will be dummy players or fillers to round out all the spots for your fantasy league. You may barter and trade with the other league owners so maybe it’s best not to talk junk about their ears before you which players they have. We threw in some extra mojo by offering 3 different fantasy league options to the owners. The original person who started the league chose up front which league mode to go with.

Once the prep sport fantasy league owners have picked their players, it’s on! You’ll now play against them each week based on prep sport stats entered by players, fans, and StatMasters. As the league owner, you’re in charge of dodging and weaving to make sure you come out on top at the end of the season. It’s fantasy league with a personal touch as the league owner, it’s all yours.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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