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So you’ve sent out the invites to your so-called friends to join your newly created fantasy league called “ReachArounds”. Isn’t that fitting. One by one, the crazies sign up and come on board for some serious high school football fantasy action. Yes, that’s right. High School. You’re now picking classmates, teammates, and opponents from other schools in your league to play fantasy league. Some people out there will starting reading scripture when they hear this…end days and all but we say it’s about time. Why should the pro’s have all the fun. Alright, you’re all on board. Now, for the first major piece of strategy and gamesmanship…the prep sport fantasy league draft. It’s ON!

What is the draft? I though they stopped the draft in the U.S. Before you start complaining about flat feet, the draft is the method by which you choose which high school players will be in your fantasy league. There’s only so many players in a given high school athletic league and there’s even fewer stars so you want to choose wisely during the whole draft process as that will serious affect your ability to win at the end of the season. Let’s look at the basic process of the draft to give you a head’s up because you know your friends will gladly sell you down the river if it means they get your star prep quarterback from under your nose.

The traditional way to draft players is with a random rotisserie style. This means that you establish the order of choosing randomly. Your order can be very important depending on how deep your given athletic league is for good players and good stats. If there’s 2-3 freaks of nature on your football teams that will probably get fat contracts in the Pro’s, it’s important to get them as they are going to throw up stats like they have football bird flu. If your place is 8th (out of 8) then you’re probably going to miss some of the heavy weights but don’t worry, there’s other strategies. Usually, the 8th person goes twice and then it reverses up the ranks. This means you go 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1. Really, the rules of the draft are up to your particular fantasy league owner and the person who initially sets up the fantasy league. If you guys feel a different way is more fair, then by all means, establish the rules through your league chat and go get em!

Rotisserie, aside from being a great way to cook chicken, just refers to the sequence mentioned above. 1 goes first, then 2nd goes next, etc. The last guy getting two picks is a small wrinkle to accommodate the fact that he/she has a disadvantage due to placement. The double pick at a point where there are still good players should help to offset not having one of the top 3 pics (in the above scenario). This is somewhat true for person #3 since he/she gets to make the 2nd pic before person #1 and 2. It’s actually a pretty good system that’s worked for centuries…okay years but why re-invent the wheel. If a league is short on players, either during the leagues initial launch or due to a really small athletic league, we have the D Leaguers. Dummy players that are system generated with stats to supplement your existing players. They’re ugly but the get the job done.

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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