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All the other stuff on PrepSportFantasy.com is just appetizer for this, the main course. If you’re like us, you love high school football, basketball, and baseball. Just plain high school sports in general. We also love Fantasy League. You get to root for your favorite players or someone from the rival team you’ve never even heard of. You get to know the players and teams better…it’s awesome. We combined the two for all those fans out there who can’t get enough of Prep Sports.

So how will the Fantasy Leagues work? Let’s take a quick stroll down Seriously Ridiculous Lane. First of all, we’ve built a really cool site for players and fans to use. The players create their profiles as well as a much more at the Player Profile page. Part of this process is uploading their stats. The stats are pretty basic but really needed for the leagues. These stats are vetted by others who can contest the accuracy of any stat listed. We’ll also have StatMasters who can add stats and check for accuracy. If a player has a history of adding incorrect stats, they may be pulled from rotation. The incorrect stats will also be voided out.

Based on the stats provided and a pre-season vote by player, each actual league (the sports leagues that group schools by area) will have a roster of players to choose from. If it’s pre-season, it will be based on votes by the fans. If it’s mid-season, you will be able to actually see their recent performance. Now come in the fans.

Fans can be players, school mates, parents, uncles, even rivals. With either a player account or fan account, you can set-up or join a prep sport fantasy league. The league can hold up to 8 participants. You’re allowed to choose from any player in the system who’s in your school’s league. You’ll choose a school up front when setting up your player or fan account. The system and list of players are growing all the time but until a league’s is filled up with at least 72 players (8 fantasy league owners times 9 slots), we’ll have dummy players or Crash Testers with random stats to fill the empty slots. The cool thing about 72 is that a lot of players in most leagues will get play. We really don’t want Prep Sport Fantasy to be about star players. We want every player to shine and 72 should get us there in most leagues. This is really a cool part of the league…all the players are in the mix. It’s actually are favorite aspect of the site.

Once you have up to 8 players, you can set up a draft. This is where you get to select your players. The system may have a built in draft function but the league owner can coordinate how it should run. You use the chat function to establish order. Maybe it’s first to sign up for league. Maybe it’s random. Completely up to you and the league owners. Ultimately, you want to rotate player selection so that the teams are fair. If you’re a player, get your buddies signed up in the Player Profile section so there’s not of players to choose from. A little peer pressure never hurt.

You can choose from three different high school fantasy modes. This is wear we took your mom’s toyota and put 16 switches on it. Straight mode is pretty straight forward. It’s your standard fantasy league where total points by category (different for football, basketball, and baseball/softball of course). The ability to make changes to your line-up (let’s say someone has the flu) cuts off Monday at midnight of the week of play.

The other two modes takes advantage of something we’re pretty proud of…perks and traps. Bling Mode and Vegas Mode let you choose certain “stat fixes” that either kick up selected stats of yours or knock down selected opponent’s stats. Bling let’s you choose (again with the Monday cutoff) while Vegas applies them evenly and randomly to all league members. Plain fantasy league is going to seem like the old skates you would tie to your shoes…just play silly.

We have articles at our Locker Room on every one of these items with more detail. Let’s us say that we’re excited to start playing and we hope you are too!

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

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