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This is why we’re all here, right? Fantasy league for high school sports. We’re not just giving you standard fantasy league although that’s available through Straight mode. Let’s walk through how to get set up fast!

Once you’ve set up your player or fan profile, you’ll see either a message that you haven’t created or joined a fantasy league yet or you can always click on the “Fantasy League” tab up top. If you’re not currently associated with a fantasy league yet, you can either join an existing one in your area, search by name for one your friends have set up, or create your own. When you create your own fantasy league, you’ll first be prompted to create a League Name and choose the sport. You will then have an option for 3 modes of fantasy league: Straight Mode which is traditional fantasy league applied to high school sports. Bling Mode where you can apply perks to your players and traps against opponent’s players. Finally, there’s Vegas Mode where the season randomly applies perks/traps to all opponent’s. Bling Mode is our favorite and we’ll focus on that front.

If you’re creating the fantasy league, you would choose the opponents to invite. You can enter their email or handle to send an invite one at a time. Enter the email, then click “Add Opponent”. You can keep doing this for up to 7 people.

You can then Add Players to your specific team but we recommend performing a draft which is managed by chat once everyone has joined your league. It’s best to set rules and a round robin choosing on a random basis works best. Person 1 goes first, person 2 goes 2nd and so on. Person 8 gets to pick twice and then it works backwards to person 7, 6, 5, and so on. This helps to add fairness to the distribution of players and ranking so the fantasy league action is fun.

Once everyone has their players and you’re actually starting the season, you can then start to apply perks and traps in the Bling Mode. Perks help boost or protect your players while traps ding you opponent’s players. You’re allowed to apply one perk and trap per day…till the weeks games are done. Use them wisely and strategically. This opens up high school fantasy league action to a whole new level of nonsense since you can equalize the opponents when one person’s team starts to run away with the league or even make alliances…of course to the point where you need to turn on that actual alliance to win. It’s about to get interesting in the world of high school sports.

While the fantasy leagues are filling up with players, you can use the D Leaguers to fill your roster and switch them out with real high school athletes as they come on board. The D Leaguers may not be pretty but they’ll get you started. In the meantime, get your high school players in the system so we can play with real players.

Dennis Jarvis writes about high school sports and prep sports with fantasy league at including high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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