Inviting Friends to High School Football Fantasy League

So you stumbled upon the website that aims to bring fantasy league to world of high school football. You were even foolish…errr…brave enough to set up an account, load in your basic football stats and info. You even picked your system handle. Hammertoe? Really? Anyway, you created a fantasy league and now you want to get your friends in the league. How do you go about that? We thought you would never ask. Let’s walk through the process.

It’s only fun playing fantasy league, even for high school, when you can talk junk with your friends. What’s the point of winning the week if you can’t smack talk about it. WE agree. We’ve made it as easy as possible to add your friends to the fantasy league whether they’re all ready members of or not. Let’s walk through it. First, you can add players while creating the fantasy league or afterwards. Either way is fine. On the Fantasy League tab, you’ll see an “Add Opponents” area. This is the place to go. First, type in either the email (works whether they’re a member or not), name, or system handle into the form area next to “Add Opponents”. Hit the “Add Opponent” button. The box will go blank but you’ll see the info you just entered below and it will state “pork has been sent an invite”. You can add up to 7 other league owners so just keep adding the email, name, or handle and make sure to click “Add Opponent” after each person. When everyone’s been added, you should see all the invite notifications below. If you don’t see someone there, just repeat above and rinse. If someone’s email is incorrect, you can click the little red “x” next to their invite notification to delete the invite. Once everyone’s listed there, make sure to click “Save” at the very bottom. The invites won’t go out till you hit the “Save” button. So now what happens?

Each person on that list will get a specific invite. If you sent it by email, it will say that YOU invited them to join your fantasy league. There’s a little bit of junk talk and then a link to the registration page. If they’re new to the system, they can create an account in seconds. After creating their account, the system will keep track of the email they used (should be same as invite you sent to) and will take them to the Profile page first where they’ll see a message like “John Doe has invited you to join a league. Click here to join” All they have to do is click there and boom, they’re in. The system will automatically take them to the Fantasy League page where they’ll see the other members of that particular league. You’ll also see your roster of players. Keep in mind that the Dleague players will be there until you actually pick local high school sport players to be added to your roster. As you add each player (available players will show at the bottom), a Dleague player will be replaced by the real player.

The league creator should use the Fantasy League page chat to run the draft. Only the league members will see this chat and it’s the easiest way to handle this. That’s how easy it is. Fantasy league for high school sports is now in your dirty, little hands. A little soap maybe? Wouldn’t hurt.

Dennis Jarvis writes about high school sports and prep sports with fantasy league at including high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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