A Football Fans Dream Room

If you have a child or even a husband who is obsessed by football, you can make their own room and surprise them. If it’s your child you can switch there room into a fantasy football room that they could have never imagined. With a husband unless you want to change your bedroom around, maybe decorate the den for him.

For right now let’s focus on your child’s room though. Painting the room will instantly change the room. The best option is if they have a favorite team to use the team colors as your primary paints. But not all kids will have one team that they like. In that case you can create a football field from the walls. The lower part of the room should look like the turf, while the sky is a nice blue; add in some clouds for a bit of extra effect.

If your child does have a player who they think the world of you can get a life sized poster and frame it. Place it on the wall, or even hire a professional painter to paint the player onto the field. Don’t forget you can add so much more to the look of the field by placing up goal posts, and people sitting in a stadium.

Buy a comforter that is the colors of a team or a football theme. This shouldn’t be hard to find and is just another way to make the theme complete and perfect.

Don’t forget to put up some shelves to place any sports trophies that your child may have won. Or even a collection of sports items that may have been signed by favorite players.

Picking out an area rug for the room you can pick a football theme, or again a team that your child seems to like the most. This will not only help the look of the room, but also provide a soft place where you child to sit and play, and it will cut down on the noise coming from the room. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a good rug if your child is younger and may wear through it quicker.

Try buying chairs that may be shaped like a football, or something else that has footballs or again a team logo on it. You can find these several places online or some stores in your local area.

Placing real footballs in the room will be a nice finish to a football haven. Be sure you have someplace where you child can store these items when they aren’t being used. This type of room will drive your football fan wild; a great way to create a special room for your child. Don’t forget to try and surprise your child with this redecorating project.

If you achieve all of this, your child will be so excited with their new bedroom they may even keep it clean and tidy for a while!

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