How To Create The Ultimate Football Enthusiast’s Bedroom

If you have a child or even a husband who is obsessed by football, you can make their own room and surprise them. If it’s your child you can switch there room into a fantasy football room that they could have never imagined. With a husband unless you want to change your bedroom around, maybe decorate the den for him.

Instant transformation of a room begins with the choice of paint color. There are several options to choose from when designing the color scheme. Your child’s favorite football team could determine the colors. If, however, you child is just crazy about the game, you can take a different approach. The bottom half of the walls could be covered in a turf green color to emulate the football pitch. Paint the top half in bright blue to depict the sky. To add to the whole effect you could paint clouds in the sky too.

They have those fantastic looking player pictures that you can buy and place on the wall, or even hire a person to paint a picture of your child’s favorite player. Don’t forget to place up some goal posts to finish off the perfect look on the walls. Even adding people sitting in stadium chairs if you want to go that far.

The right bedding is a crucial factor to complete the theme. There are many customized bed sets of football teams, which would co-ordinate well with the walls. Alternatively, a solid color or reversible comforter is an option.

Don’t forget to place an area rug into the room. This will give your child a softer place to land when they and friends are playing football in the room. Plus it will also help to keep the noise down. Don’t forget to get a rug that goes with the theme of the room. You can either get one that has something to do with football on it, or a team logo again.

Buy some furniture that goes with the theme. If it’s a sofa that has footballs all over it or a chair that looks like a football. Adding this in will give the room an overall look that will thrill your child.

Unique furniture is essential for this bedroom. Football shaped chairs or small sofas covered in football fabric are stocked by specialty shops. If you are unable to find themed furniture, then opt for football themed fabric and have the furniture covered by a specialist.

Not only will this room thrill a child who loves football, but you may have found a way they may pick up their room for a bit even. Remember to try and finish this as a surprise to your child.

Maybe one weekend when they can spend some time with a friend, always employ outside help to surprise a child if you can. Get that perfect football room set up today.

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