Tips and Pointers For Winning Your Fantasy Basketball Pool

A basketball coach spends time forming strategies and developing plays to assure victory. He or she can tailor their strategies for each opponent. Taking advantage of possible weaknesses spotted while watching video of previously played games. These are all tools the coach and manager of a basketball team have on hand. The coach of a fantasy basketball team can’t take advantage of any of these. They must rely on their own abilities of judging players and analyzing statistics. Here are some suggestions for winning your fantasy basketball league’s pool.

The most important thing to know is your league. Different leagues place importance on different statistics. A league that weighs points and rebounds more heavily would require a different drafting strategy than one that has a more balanced scoring system. Whether a league is points based or head-to-head is also important to know when selecting players. Having players that consistently perform is more important in the points based system. A head-to-head league would be more forgiving if a team has a rough showing one week and strong games after that.

Once you know the specifics of your league you should do a few mock drafts. The mock drafts give you a chance to see how well your team might work. It also gives you some optional team set ups in case one or two of your key players are drafted by someone else before you. The mock drafts can give you a chance to balance a team in draft that has a salary cap. Without some advanced work it would be far too easy to form with a couple high priced players and be forced to fill out the team with weaker, bargain-basement players that may or may not produce. Other, more experienced, fantasy coaches can look over your mock drafts and offer hints suggestions regarding your strategy.

Draft with your head, not your heart. You may have a favorite professional or college team. There are probably players at many levels of the game from your hometown. There needs to be better reasons to draft a player than a personal affinity for them. A player should be drafted because of solid performance and consistent game play. During the season players may need to be benched for a time or replaced completely. Keeping an impartial view of your team makes it easier to perform these necessary actions.

Once the season is in full swing it is very important to pay attention. Track your players’ performances on the court with information from multiple sources. The sports report on your local news won’t have all the key data you need to see how well a player is playing. Don’t follow just your drafted players. Keep track of what players are still free agents in your league and how they are playing as well. If one of your players falters you will need to replace him with someone else. Knowing the statistics of the free agents in your league would give an edge to the coach looking to fill an empty spot.

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