Why Are Fantasy Sports Leagues So Addicting?

The love of sports taps into our animal instincts. The need of competition, the drive to be the best you can, to accomplish all that is possible and the art of physical improvement inspires many of us to participate in sports. While this level of competition is lived and experienced by professional athletes, many fans have the same enthusiasm and vicariously live their athletic dreams through their favorite players.

Some fans are so passionate about their sports that they believe their knowledge and decision-making skills would help improve their favorite team in the real world. Some are so convinced of the superiority of their own sports knowledge they fully believe that they would go a better job than those who are in charge. These fans actively follow player statistics and study the numbers behind their favorite sport. Certain sports (baseball especially) heavily utilize facts and statistic when analyzing upcoming matches and player performances. Therefore knowledge of your sport not only deals with how well you can analyze past performances, but how well you can predict future ones.

Well, fantasy sport leagues let you sit in the drivers seat and put your money where your mouth is. The basic concept behind any fantasy league is that teams compete against each other based on predetermined scoring categories for their respective sport, and teams are drafted by managers filling their own roster with professional players in any given league. Teams are generally managed by a single person and leagues vary in format in regards to the level of involvement required from each manager.

The point is that these leagues allow sports fans to actively compete against each other and take their love of their favorite sport to the next level. While many league drafts occur in the basements of people’s houses with friends and beers, there are online formats of a more competitive and serious nature. Some websites allow you to become a manager in any sport that is currently active and pick the level of involvement required. There are dozens of options and formats that you can try out and see what suits your management style. Whether you are a 3-time champion looking for new competition or picking a team for your first time just to be involved in the office pool, there is something for everyone to participate in with fantasy sport leagues. As in sports, you never know until you play the game!

Even if you have never participated in a fantasy league before, it’s actually fairly easy to get involved. You can refer to blogs and websites for great information on players to choose or avoid. A little research can inform you to who performed the best last year, and even if you have never heard of anyone before, you can rest assured that such a list will help you make some decent choices at the very least. There is always a bit of luck when choosing players, as you never know who may have a breakout season! So don’t feel left out, step up to the challenge and you just might get some of that good old beginners luck.

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